Pierre Ngo gets assaulted burst in blood & got 3 stitches

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Pierre Ngo gets assaulted burst in blood & got 3 stitches

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:00 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Pierre Ngo gets assaulted burst in blood & got 3 stitches

The night before, a drunken violence incident occurred injuring TVB artist Pierre Ngo. Both part of the cast to TVB new series Colorful of Sister Fa, Pierre Ngo and 'martial artist' Sin Ho Ying got into a dispute because of a 'mentor-student' misunderstanding. That night at the "finish filming" celebration for Sister Fa, the two meet and an assault occurred. Pierre was attacked by someone on his left brow ridge bone and was bursting with blood. He got three stitches and was disfigured on the spot. Last night, the police arrested a suspect involved in the case.

Recently, Pierre's popularity has been rising from his role as "Porkchop Boy" in No Regrets, but in No Regrets Porkchop Boy is always getting beat, and even in reality it is the same. The night before, Pierre attended Sister Fa's "finish filming" celebration at a karaoke bar in Kowloon Bay and was attacked. He was hit on his left brow ridge bone by someone using a broken glass cup and instantly started bleeding all over the floor. His left brow ridge was deeply wounded, Pierre wasn't able to react fast enough, he was only able to use tissues to stop the blood, madly shouting that it's very painful. As for Sin Ho Ying, who was involved in injuring someone, wanted to charge up and attack Pierre, but fortunately was stopped by the behind-the-scenes staff. Otherwise, it is definite that Pierre will be injured even more. As for the other artists who witnessed the scene, was so frightened they all became stiff and had "wah" sounds.

The cast to Sister Fa who attended the celebration includes: Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Toby Leung, Yoyo Chen, Benjamin Yuen, and the behind-the-scenes staff. Not part of the cast, Amigo Chui, also attended for fun. As this assault case was witnessed by many people, the case was passed to Sau Mau Ping District Crime Squad to follow up. Yesterday, the police went to the crime scene to investigate, taking photos and summoned the Fadan and Siu Sangs that attended back to the police station for questioning, hoping to get a better understanding of the situation.

It was understood that, Sin Ho Ying was unhappy with Pierre that even though he kept calling him master, but then turned around and asked Master Chan Koon Tai if he could be his mentor instead, Pierre even got on his knees to ask.

But, the injured Pierre didn't want to make the incident such a big deal, so he first went to report the incident to TVB executive Virgina Lok, then to a private hospital for treatment, and accompanied by his co-star also good friend Toby Leung. However, the private hospital was suspicious of Pierre's condition and rejected to admit him, so he transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (a public hospital). The public hospital, also was suspicious of the injury and had to open a file to handle it. Pierre just wanted to put it on record, but the incident is too serious, the police wanted Pierre to give a formal statement of what happened. Pierre's injury is quite heavy, affecting his nerves and was painful when he tries to look at things. His face is also starting to swell up, and it is necessary for him to get dermabrasion (scar removal) on his skin.

After a night of rest, Pierre went to do an interview with Eileen Cha and then back to TVB city to meet with Virgina Lok. At 5:45pm, Pierre was seen at the TVB canteen, in an okay mood, he had glasses on, so his injury was not seen clearly, but a white bandage was seen. Asked if he has other injuries on his body? He did not respond, he only expressed that everything is passed on to the police to handle.

Involved in an assault case, Sin Ho Ying did not treat it as anything after the incident. He even uploaded a photo with Raymond Lam on Weibo right after the celebration. When reporters called and asked him if he was the one who attacked Pierre? Sin Ho Ying stuttered: "No! (You were drunk?) I drank a lot! Are you guys mistaken? No such thing!" Sin Ho Ying then said that he has another phone call coming in and quickly switch lines. Minutes later, Sin Ho Ying came back on the line and repeatedly said he's currently working, so talk later. But he never called back after.

Yesterday the police spokesperson confirmed that the night before (11/27) at 10pm, a 38 year old male was injured on his left eye by a broken glass cup inside of an entertainment site in Wang Chiu Road. Following that incident, a 53 year old male involved in the attack, went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to seek treatment on his own and reported the case. The 53 year old suspect was arrested and released on bail later that night.

* Note: Pierre Ngo is 38 years old and Sin Ho Ying is 53 years old. (TN: The news messed up, Pierre is not 38, he's only 34.)


Referred as Pierre's "buddy", Toby Leung and Pierre are very good friends and she often use "girlfriend" to introduce herself to friends. She kept saying that she just wanted to protect the recent popular and weak "Porkchop Boy". Yesterday afternoon, after the incident, Toby was at the police station for questioning until 6pm. When she was leaving, she did not respond to the media's questions. She later said over the phone: "Let the police handle it. It is not convenient for me to talk about it, but I can say that I'm heart broken for my buddy, his face was full of blood. Luckily he's fine now. I told him that he's just unlucky!" (When Pierre was attacked, how did you react?) I became stiff, I was standing right besides him. At the time I was really shocked, very nervous. I immediately went with him to the hospital, luckily he's okay."

Charmaine Sheh doesn't know what happened

Because Charmaine attended Grasshopper's concert, she was late to the celebration. She arrived at the party at midnight, and did not see what happened: "Other people told me about the incident. (Sin Ho Ying was there too?) When I got there, I didn't see Pierre or Sin Ho Ying, it was already over. (Sin Ho Ying was really drunk?) I'm not sure, but I sent a SMS to Pierre, hope he'll recover soon. (The two are on bad terms?) I don't know what's going on!" Raymond Lam and Benjamin Yuen also only found about the incident, after the fact.

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