Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: He's Still Young

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Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: He's Still Young

Post by summer7879 on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:19 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: He's Still Young

TVB's biological son Raymond Lam gets criticized, Virgina Lok and Mona Fong both supported him in high-profile, as his rumored girlfriend Linda Chung said no matter how good or bad Raymond does in the box office, she completely supports him. She also said that Raymond is still young, it's enough to just do his own part.

Yesterday TVB Fadan Linda, Jennifer Tse, Jacqueline Chong and Irene Wong attended a fashion show hosted by Homesquare. The artists modeled clothing using the household as a theme. Linda appeared on stage in a chandelier-designed dress, Jennifer Tse appeared in a sexy comb-designed dress, Irene was a "sleeping bed" and Jacqueline was in a low-cut 'ceramic tile' dress.

Earlier Shaw Brothers executive producer Lawrence Wong was under the influence of alcohol and blamed Raymond Lam for the poor box office sales. Virgina Lok and boss Mona Fong both provided encouragement and support for Raymond, making him get teary eyes! Linda said: "6th Aunt (Mona Fong)'s letters to each and every artist is very touching, I know she has always loved us. As an artist, it is most important to do your best on your own part, other things cannot be controlled." Linda continued: "One film does not represent all, Raymond is still young, I am not professional, so I cannot distinguish, I just know to do well on your own part, and there still will be people who will or won't admire you." She expressed that she's been very busy and had no time to watch his new movies, but later she'll buy the DVD to support him.

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