Pierre Ngo to treat "Braised Porkchops" if win an award

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Pierre Ngo to treat "Braised Porkchops" if win an award

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:18 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Pierre Ngo to treat "Braised Porkchops" if win an award

Stephen Chan had been suspended from work for half a year by TVB. The day before, it was announced that he's returned to work in his position as the GM. Many behind-the-scenes employees and artists welcomed him back, but it was also rumored that a number of artists are worried that Stephen will calculate the old debts, so there are people happy that he's back, while some people aren't.

This year's nominees for "Best Supporting Male and Female Character" awards Pierre Ngo and Nancy Wu attended an event yesterday and were careful in their responses. Pierre answered like he's a machine gun: "I know , I know, I know, Mr. Chan is back. I feel a little excited, but I'm just a little employee, work is normal for me." Nancy also knows: "I hope he's fine and can get back into work quickly. Wish he has a smooth career. As to the reports about 'calculating old debts', I don't know if it's true or false, so I cannot comment. I also haven't seen such situation."

TVB Anniversary Awards is around the corner, it's inevitable that both Pierre and Nancy are feel anxious. Nominated for his role as 'Porkchop Boy' in No Regrets, Pierre said: "I am only half confident because it is an intense competition, I support Dominic Lam. I'm not worried about being affected by the incident that happened earlier (the assault) because the votes are not controlled by me. There are also a lot of other factors, firstly the series hasn't finish airing yet and secondly it depends on the viewers' reactions. So, I'm just carrying a normal heart to face the awards ceremony. I haven't thought about how to celebrate." Wayne prepared a lot of red wine to celebrate? "Then I'll cook 'Brasied porkchops' for everyone to celebrate with."

Nancy is nominated for her role in Gun Metal Grey and she supports Kara Hui for Best Supporting Female Character. Nancy did not forget to do some sucking up: "She is a popular pick. Today, she is not Little Red Jeh, but is Big Red Jeh (Red = popularity) or maybe call her Golden Horse Red. She is used to getting the Best Actress awards, hope she can let me have the Best Supporting Female Character, but being able to make it into the Top 5, I'm already happy."

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