"Gun Metal Grey" neglected at TVB Anniversary Gala, Michael Miu & Felix Wong bursts in anger at TVB

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"Gun Metal Grey" neglected at TVB Anniversary Gala, Michael Miu & Felix Wong bursts in anger at TVB

Post by summer7879 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:40 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/

"Gun Metal Grey" neglected at TVB Anniversary Gala, Michael Miu & Felix Wong bursts in anger at TVB

The night before yesterday was the TVB 43rd Anniversary Gala, the prologue was a satirical skit of 2010's popular dramas packaged with heavily promoted male and female artists. In the skit, Nat Chan is shuttled through the popular and well applauded series including: Can't Buy Me Love, No Regrets, Every Move You Make, When Lanes Merge, and The Mysteries of Love. However, the TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey with just as good ratings and public praises as No Regrets was no where to be seen. Also, the majority of the cast to that series were not invited to attend the TVB Anniversary Gala, while Nancy Wu attended representing another series.

Felix Wong bursts in bad language

Yesterday, Gun's Mad Sir (Michael Miu) and Stone Sir (Felix Wong) both had an uproar on Weibo.

Stone Sir Felix Wong described his angered with a puff of fire: "Someone said: 'well applauded series does not get attention, lacks promotion (have to rely on the cast to do it), and repeatedly suppressed... I Felix Wong really want to ask which company is this?" Then Mad Sir Michael Miu replies: "Not a company...did a person do this?" This resulted in Stone Sir not being able to keep in his anger: "totally very bad, I'll hold it!"

Soon after, the media contacted both Felix and Michael to ask for an explanation. Michael frankly said that TVB isn't giving Gun Metal Grey much attention: "Before there was little promotion, now we didn't get invited to the anniversary celebration, really what happened? Did we offend someone?" Felix said: "Many fans asked me why it's like that? I also want to know why, I am part of the audience too, I don't know what policy TVB has. (Will you ask TVB for an explanation?) Not necessary! Tell them to explain on TV. (Didn't invite you and the cast of Gun to attend?) No, not even one. It's fine that they didn't even mention Gun, but TVB should really at least ask us if we want to attend... turns out that they didn't ask any one of us, I already asked Michael and Jessica Hsuan." Producer of Gun (Tong Kei Ming) also felt that this was unfair to them: "TVB should be taking care of their artists regardless. I can only say gold fears no fire, it's good enough the series got good public praises!"

"Not Satisfied Then Why Not Speak Up"

TVB Anniversary Gala program producer (Wai Sai Fai) did not agree, saying that the anniversary celebration was not for series promotion, it is mainly to celebrate the TVB Anniversary and have a relaxing entertainment show. He said: "Gun is a law enforcement drama, serious dramas cannot be played with. Actually, the sitcom Some Day wasn't invited either, we considered what's right to play with before we made arrangements. Even if many of the artists didn't do a performance, they still got to be on stage for a raffle drawing to win prizes. I don't understand why they (Michael and Felix) didn't come, but the artiste department is responsible for arranging the artists, I also feel pitiful, I don't understand why they are unsatisfied, why didn't they say so before the fact. I always have my phone on, if there is a complaint, why didn't call me to talk about it!"

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