Felix Wong anger continues: Don't rape the public; TVB tries to 'put out the fire'

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Felix Wong anger continues: Don't rape the public; TVB tries to 'put out the fire'

Post by summer7879 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:44 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

(Ho Lai Chuen; Wai Sai Fai)

Felix Wong anger continues: Don't rape the public; TVB tries to 'put out the fire'

Because Gun Metal Grey seems to be neglected at the TVB Anniversary, and the lack of promotions, the two leading male leads Felix Wong and Michael Miu express their dissatisfaction. TVB Production Department Director (Ho Lai Chuen) expressed that a meeting will be held soon to discuss how to fix the situation, he stressed that they will arrange the Gun Metal Grey cast to attend the awards ceremony in attempt to "put out the fire" and end the two Big Brother's anger.

Ho Lai Chuen attended an event yesterday, and when speaking of not inviting Felix Wong and Michael Miu to the TVB Anniversary Gala? He explained that the two failed to do the rehearsal on time, but Felix and Michael are invited to the Anniversary Awards Ceremony: "Actually Raymond Lam was able to make it back for the anniversary, but there is no reason for him to just make an appearance and have no performance. The only part that didn't need rehearsing was the satirical skit in the opening, but it's Eric Tsang who didn't dare to play them!" Michael and Felix felt that Gun Metal Grey was being neglected, Ho Lai Chuen said: "Will get a better understanding of the situation! Why would there not be enough promotions? After all, it is an anniversary series, TVB really value them!"

Although there has already been a TVB executive who came forward to explain, Felix's anger still hasn't died down yet during the interview last night. When mentioning his series being ignored, he exploded and indirectly insulted the TVB biological sons!

Reporter: What do you think of Ho Lai Chuen's explanation?

Felix: What does this have to do with him? The more explanations, the more they are trying to hide!

Reporter: TVB Anniversary producer (Wai Sai Fai) said he always has his phone on, artists can call him whenever they feel unsatisfied?

Felix: My phone is always on too! Did TVB contact me? Did they call me? But, a large TV Station has their own way of doing things, no need to explain too much! The viewers now are very smart, don't try to smother and rape the public again! It's not what show they say is good, is going to be good!

Reporter: Are you attending the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony?

Felix: Who values their awards! It's just a game, they like to give the award to whoever they like! I don't want to be used as a chess piece by other. I have my own style, whatever I don't like, I will speak up.

Reporter: Won't shoot another series for TVB again?

Felix: When the time comes I'll decide, it is two different issues. I should worry if Gun Metal Grey will be counted in or not!

Reporter: Comments so intense, your not worried revenge will be taken later?

Felix: Worry about what? Don't let me enter TVB City then!

Wai Sai Fai: Refuse to Apologize

As Felix burst again in his comments, Ho Lai Chuen accepted another interview over the phone last night and said: "In fact, the producer also wanted big stars to attend, won't say who to promote or who to suppress. (Apologize to him?) Tomorrow, we will have a meeting to discuss how to handle the situation, will get a professional to talk with him because after all it has been a while since we collaborated and the series is getting such good ratings. I don't want us to have any misunderstandings."

As for TVB Anniversary producer (Wai Sai Fai), he expressed that the anniversary program is suppose to be happy, such situation shouldn't be happening and refuses to apologize: "Actually if he has any dissatisfaction, then should tell TVB about it and not tell the media about it!"

Tong Kei Ming: It's unfair

As for Gun Metal Grey producer (Tong Kei Ming) expressed that Felix has always been popular, but strongly supporting him is not for promotions: "He's just expressing his opinion, it is unfair, but Wai Sai Fai is being passive! (Felix said he's not going to the awards ceremony.) He's going on a transformation, detached status, and does not care about the awards, but it be more enjoyable if the game is played together. (He doesn't want to be a chess piece being used by people?) Everyone in this world is a chess piece."

Michael Miu who agreed with Felix, said TVB should take the initiative to contact him. Towards Ho Lai Chuen's explanation, he also didn't really by it: "I don't have much opinion, thank them for responding! (Attending the awards ceremony?) Decide when the time comes, I am currently working, don't worry if I'm going or not."

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