Jessica Hsuan supports her partners that they win young girls' heart

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Jessica Hsuan supports her partners that they win young girls' heart

Post by summer7879 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:47 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Jessica Hsuan supports her partners that they win young girls' heart

Gun Metal Grey female lead Jessica Hsuan was not invited to the TVB Anniversary Gala, but she let it go: "Expected! I already mentioned it to Felix before, it has been different in the last few years, know it in the heart. Artists can just do well on their own part, having audience support is already good satisfying enough. Perhaps he left the company for too long and didn't know! He's a good actor, if he stops then it's a pity. He is hardworking, not getting the attention is not fun! TVB should also be more fair, in fact the series has lots of supporters. When I was doing facial, young girls were saying they were watching Felix and Michael as they ate dinner, proves that they got the young girls' heart!"

As for the other female lead Nancy Wu, when she learned about Felix's burst at TVB, she had intentions to solve the dispute: "Felix is really crafty, his words actually has an ulterior motive, he wants to use this extreme method to promote the series. (Will you invite him for a meal to comfort him?) In fact, the cast from our series have a very good relationship off-screen. Every time the public gives good reactions, we always go out for a meal!" Nancy expressed that she will attend the awards ceremony.

Pierre Ngo and Evergreen Mak appeared for the Fun With Liza & Gods Charade recording. As for Felix's anger towards Gun Metal Grey being neglected, part of No Regrets, Pierre said: "I feel that TVB didn't deliberately do that. I catch Gun Metal Grey every night, it's a very good series. I especially admire Nancy Wu."

As for Fei Fan Gor Evergreen Mak, he said: "I feel that Felix is just joking. Gun Metal Grey has good ratings too, I am watching the series too. It's no problem, it's just another promotion."

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