Wayne Lai pushed up to heavens by TVB, his 2 series finales airs at same time

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Wayne Lai pushed up to heavens by TVB, his 2 series finales airs at same time

Post by summer7879 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:41 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wayne Lai pushed up to heavens by TVB, his 2 series finales airs at same time

Although it was said that Wayne Lai's 'Lau Sing' role is not a breakthrough like 'Chai Gau', this week's No Regrets ending episodes can be considered as Wayne's world. As one person, he takes up two series finales including Some Day and No Regrets where he is the main focus of the final episodes. On Sunday night at 8-10pm, a Some Day - No Regrets Popular in the Whole City will be held at the recording studio in TVB City. There will be 800 studio audience invited to attend and enjoy the show. As the main lead for two series and recently collecting great popularity, this time Wayne is being pushed up to the heavens by TVB and increases his momentum for him to seize the TV King title. On the finale gathering night, Sheren will also rush back to HK to attend the event. Towards TVB airing both series finales that he's in to help increase the momentum for TV King, Wayne was asked if he can handle it? He laughed: "I can handle it, as long as TVB arranges it, I will do it!"

Producer Lee Tim Shing has high expectations for No Regrets, yesterday did not hesitate add some hype, when will Lau Sing and Miss Nine meet again after being separated for several years? Will they eventually end up happily from old to death? These are the must watches of the finale. However, Wayne exposed that he'll be singing the song Red Butterfly in Lau Sing's mood. Wayne joked and said that this part is also a 'must watch': "I spent nearly 2 hours recording the song, have lots of feeling! (How many points do you hope for the TV ratings?) I hope for 50 points, but TV ratings have its mechanism, like Tim Gor will go pick up cow poop!"

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