Ada Choi's pregnancy simply an accident

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Ada Choi's pregnancy simply an accident

Post by summer7879 on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:28 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ada Choi's pregnancy simply an accident

Max Zhang announced a few days ago that his wife Ada Choi is pregnant. Ada just returned to HK from Mainland and accepted a CRHK radio interview yesterday. She expressed that she felt surprised when she found out about her pregnancy because she and her husband planned to have a baby 2 years after marriage. Ada also complained that Max is soon to be a father and still playing tricks on her. Her husband accompanied her to the doctor's office for pregnancy test, but told her to leave first and he'll look at the report. After Max saw the report, he told Ada: "empty treasure", and it was only later she found out that she is pregnant.

Ada said: "This time I was a little surprised, we planned to have a baby 2 years after marriage, I still have to complete all the jobs I accepted earlier." She will be in Mainland filming until January 2011, so still has to continue working. Asked if she'll be a full time mom? Ada said: "I love my job, so besides reducing jobs during my pregnancy, I will also take a month off after giving birth, after that I will go back to work."

Recently Ada has been reading the Bible in preparation to name her baby. She wants to pick a single character name, like she considered "Cheung Ching" meaning a "fine day", but her husband felt that the baby must be a boy to use that name, so the name is not suitable. Ada said: "The final decision for the baby's name will be Max's responsibility, he is the man of the house." She was unwilling to reveal how many months she's pregnant because she's afraid the media will go after her. Yesterday, when she and her husband left their house, the paparazzi were going after them. Ada wrote on Weibo: "We hope to have some privacy, and hope that you all try to take prettier photos."

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