Felix Wong boycotts TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony

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Felix Wong boycotts TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony

Post by summer7879 on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:31 am

credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Felix Wong boycotts TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony

TVB Anniversary Awards will be held tomorrow night (Sunday) at TVB City, the nominees are out in force. However, after TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey was neglected earlier and made male lead Felix Wong angered, Felix and female lead Jessica Hsuan won't be attending tomorrow night. This proves the suppose "Don't value the awards" comment.

In fact, after Felix's 'fire breathing', TVB quickly tried to fix it by sending him to the Top 5 for TV King and added him to the awards ceremony guests list, but Felix still does not feel respected and decided not to attend the ceremony. Yesterday only his assistant responded: "Felix probably won't be going! (Is Felix in HK?) He's in HK! (Guest for award ceremony?) TVB has this arrangement, but at the time Felix did not confirm if he was going or not!"

Producer (Tong Kei Ming) also expressed his unhappiness: "They're playing it all, just ending the voting on November 28th is already unfair! GMG will be airing the finale on December 10th, the artists are waiting for that day to let audience see their development and performance, it is the time to pull in votes, but now that the voting ended so early, I feel it's unfair, just accompanying Prince to study. I know someone is suffering, and I feel bad for Nancy Wu, she's done very well!" But, yesterday Nancy clarified on Weibo that the unfairness to her is just private matters, not related to the awards.

Jessica Hsuan is currently working in Mainland, she responded yesterday: "TVB did invite me to attend, but because I have something to do, I won't be in HK and can't go. (The situation is getting better and better?) No fear, they must have their own reason, then will have to ask them."

That day Felix scold TVB for neglecting GMG, plus at the time TVB Anniversary Producer (Wai Sai Fai) added oil to the fire, saying that if artists have problems then should directly call him, and now this 'boycott action', Wai Sai Fal said: "This time another group is responsible for the awards ceremony, I cannot say anything about the awards ceremony. (Michael Miu and Felix Wong aren't attending the awards ceremony was caused by the TVB Anniversary incident?) It is best to clearly ask them how they are feeling. Whatever they are unhappy about, can come to talk the Artist Department, manager, producer. It was said that they were invited to the awards ceremony as guests." TVB Anniversary Awards producer (Ling Suet Ngoh) responded yesterday: "Artists Department has given me the final guests list yet. (Felix will be the guest at the ceremony?) Still discussing, we have not decided who will be presenting the awards."

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