TVB 6 Big Players lean towards Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang for TV King & Queen

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TVB 6 Big Players lean towards Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang for TV King & Queen

Post by summer7879 on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:50 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

TVB 6 Big Players lean towards Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang for TV King & Queen

This Sunday TVB Anniversary Awards will be held in TVB City. The whole city is anticipating to see who the TV King and Queen awards will fall on. In the last few days, there has been many predictions in the public, but audience voting had already ended on the 28th of November. All votes are being calculated by the lawyer, and controlling 'life and death' of the votes are by the 6 big players including Virgina Lok, Ho Lai Cheun, Tommy Leung, Catherine Tsang, K.C Ho and Chan Ka Yeung. Yesterday TVB established the evaluation committee to give the final holy vote.

According to reliable sources, the votes of the 6 big players lean towards Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. Based on the numbers of votes by the audience, the current Top 5 for Best Actor (not in any order) includes: Raymond Lam, Steven Ma, Wayne Lai, Felix Wong and Moses Chan. The Top 5 for Best Actress are Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung and Jessica Hsuan.

Three Habitats Raymond Lam powerful enough to be Superstar

During an interview, Wayne expressed that this year's TV King race is fun because there is the idol star Raymond Lam and comedic Moses Chan. When asked who he personally supports, he frankly said: "Actually I really support Raymond because there really needs to be an idol in this industry, an idol is represented by one, leading the younger generation and gives everyone energy. Even if it's not this year, he will soon be the superstar idol successor. It really has been a long time that anyone has been successful in all three areas - music, film, TV."

First having TVB female boss Mona Fong's written support, then 'TV King' Wayne Lai's support, Raymond Lam's prospects is unlimited. In fact, Raymond is also very satisfied with the results from his music, film and TV this year. On the night of the TVB Anniversary Awards, Raymond is still busy shooting for a Mainland film, and felt pity that he cannot participate, but he hopes fans will understand.

Raymond loves tragic picks Wayne

Asked if he has confidence for the TV King battle? Raymond expressed: "I must say I have confidence, actually before I have never thought about the TV King award, but then after The Mysteries of Love aired, many people were talking about it. It was then that I was aware of this award, making me feel a little weird, but on the night of the awards ceremony, I'm still shooting a film in Mainland, and may not be able to attend, maybe it's not that perfect. (Strong opponents?) Moses Chan and Wayne Lai I like them both too, but I personally like tragic dramas more, so I will pick Wayne for No Regrets. I hope to work with Wayne in the future."

Moses Chan hangs 'half of the word win'

As for Moses, he expressed: "Wayne is an artist I really admire, we both feel normal about the awards, but the anxious atmosphere is pretty good too. Audience can watch happily, but of course if I get it then I'll be the happiest. Actually, this year I have pretty good luck, earlier I got some outside awards already. Right now I feel that I already have have half of the word win on my chest."

Depend on No Regrets to win all of TV Queen

Sheren's attendance to the awards ceremony focuses all the competition on the beauty. She frankly said that last year she already won TV Queen, this year she does not have as much pressure, she feel relieved. Asked about her confidence? She said: "I hope No Regrets wins TV King and Queen. Before I felt that just winning Best Series award is enough, but now I hope to go into a deeper level and win TV King and Queen, only then will attract overseas and Mainland audiences' attention. In 2006, the series I filmed La Femme Desparado won Best Series, but no one remembers. Everyone only remembers how many awards Charmaine Sheh won for Maiden's Vow. So, I hope No Regrets gets TV King and Queen too."

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