Bernice Liu attends dinner banquet with Rich Boy, new love interest?

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Bernice Liu attends dinner banquet with Rich Boy, new love interest?

Post by summer7879 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:47 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu attends dinner banquet with Rich Boy, new love interest?

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan's relationship has been dragging for 6 years. During the period, there was often break up and reconcile. Now there is it's even more hopeless that there will be a future. Turns out that Bernice found a new love interest behind Moses' back. The new interest is from the second generation wealthy background, Alastair Lam Chung Ho. The night before, Bernice even attended a male friend's dinner banquet as his 'girlfriend'.

In the early years, Bernice was a heavily promoted TVB Fadan, but she lost the Most Improved Female Artist award a few years ago, TVB has felt disheartened. Longing to marry while young, she had no choice but to drag her relationship with Moses for 6 years, often feeling down-hearted, she met a "millionaire rich boy" Alastair through a friend. Alastair comes from a strong background, his mother (Fong Yuet Wah) is a family member of the Chungnam Watch company, his father is a famous surgeon, and the 32 year old Alastair doesn't just have the name, but in reality he's the chairman of the Synergy Lighting company, one of the rich bachelors himself.

Carrying a HK$100,000 bag

As the two are around the same age, together with mines alike, not long after they met, Bernice and Alastair are already heated up. Also Bernice cared less about Moses as the night before she attended a dinner banquet with her boyfriend. After the dinner, Alastair then personally drove Bernice in a HK$4 million Lamborghini sports car back to the 100 million mansion in Repulse Bay Road. Yesterday at 3am, Bernice and Alastair came out of the mansion, where Benice carried a HK$100,000 Hermes handbag, having a great sense of weath. She was in a very good mood, when reporters rushed forward, she smiled at the camera and was not upset. Looks like she's carrying a sign of victory in announcing her girlfriend status.

While the two were walking to the garage, Benice and Alastair were more affectionate, often looking at one another, indulge in love. When they got to the car and Bernice put on her seat beat, Alastair drove her to a friend's house in Kenneday Road in Central. They stayed at the friend's house for a little bit before leaving, Alastair even attentively opened the car door for Bernice, what a gentleman. Then he drove Bernice back home in Tseung Kwan O. After watching his girlfriend get home safely, he drove away.

Yesterday, [Oriental Daily] contacted Bernice and asked if she has got together with the millionaire Alastair? Although Bernice did not admit to the new romance, she was very positive as she talked about the issue. She laughed: "We are just friends! (Alastair is pursuing you?) Haha! You all ask him! We are friends, and have known each other for a period of time. (Why did you go to his house?) Because after dinner, we still had another party, but he left something at his house, so we went back to get it." Asked how Alastair is like as a person? Bernice praised him to heavens, she said: "He is a very good guy, very nice. I am studying business administration and he's doing business, so we are just doing some interactions, I really admire young and smart people."

All along refused to admit to the relationship with Moses, Bernice was asked if she has found a new love, is she afraid that Moses will be jealous? Bernice drew a line: "We have always been just friends!"


Moses Chan
Birth Date: April 16, 1971
Age: 39
Height: 6'1
Occupation: Actor
Awards: 2007 TVB Best Actor (Heart of Greed), 2010 Best Professional Performance Award.
Property: Tiu Keng Leng Mountain Range "Metro" Property
Car: Toyota Prado 4WD valued at ~ HK$300,000.

Alastair Lam
Age: 32
Height: 6 feet
Occupation: Synergy Lighting Limited Chairman
Award: Young Entrepreneur Award 2010
Property: Repulse Bay Road Mansion & nearly 10 other properties
Car: Lamborghini sports car valued at HK$4 million.

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