Bernice Liu gives up old love, welcomes new; Moses Chan downgraded to colleague

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Bernice Liu gives up old love, welcomes new; Moses Chan downgraded to colleague

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:53 am

Credit ;Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu gives up old love, welcomes new; Moses Chan downgraded to colleague

The day before, [Oriental Daily] photographed Bernice Liu attending a friend's banquet with rich boy Alastair Lam, while rumored boyfriend Moses Chan instantly gets neglected. Yesterday Bernice went back to TVB City to continue shooting for sitcom Show Me The Happy. However, she was already well-prepared to meet the media, as she got her manager to accompany her into the studio. When asked about her new love interest? She said: "No! Just friends! I can have many friends. When we had dinner, there was a whole group of people, also we went together to eat big crabs, then we went to another friend's party."

Have things in common with new love interest

Bernice introduced Alastair as a friend and has known him for a period of time. Asked where has their relationship developed to? She said: "We are just friends, but we never know the future." Bernice also said that she studied business administration before, Alastair is in the business world and he's ABC who's back in HK, so they have something in common. When reporters mentioned Moses is also fluent in English, does Moses know Alastair too? Bernice said: "We have our own friends! (Are you closer with Moses or with him?) Aiya! Don't want to talk about it anymore! No need to distinguish or compare. (You are meeting guys behind Moses back?) That's just what the report said! I have always been innocent!" She also expressed that her father has met Alastair before.

Not used to sitting in Lamborghini, too short

Before, Bernice had always said she and Moses are good friends, but this time she changes her words: "Colleagues are colleagues, shooting series in the same company, there will definitely be people writing about us." When speaking of her sudden wealth, carrying an expensive brand name handbag, Bernice said that it was a birthday gift years ago. Asked if the Lamborghini was nice to sit in? She laughed: "The car is too short, my cars at home are all big cars, I'm not used to kneeling down." Also, Alastair greatly praised her. Bernice laughed: "He really said so? Then I thank him. (Will points be added for him?) Add what points? Friends don't talk about scores."

Continue "couple team" to make money

As for Moses Chan, seeing Bernice go with a new 'rich boy' love interest and gets 'dumped', he has not turned sour. He responded: "Leave it, the thing about fate is, if it's yours then it's yours. There are many things that are destined! (You know Bernice and Alastair are dating?) I don't know, she didn't tell me. (Do you feel it?) I really don't feel it. (Did Bernice call you to clarify the issue after she was photographed?) No, no need to clarify, it's very clear, it's all published! (Feeling sour?) Facing it calmly, I believe in fate. (Congratulate her?) Just as long as she's safe and sound, I'm relieved! (Has it affected your opportunities to earn money as 'couple team'?) Shouldn't be a problem, TVB will make the arrangements at the right time. I have an open attitude towards work, every job is an opportunity. (Will there be awkwardness when you two meet?) No, we are still friends."

Described as "double lost" losing both TV King and love, Moses has not been discouraged. He is striving to improve himself for the large forest out there. He said: "Double lost? Then start fresh again. (Is there a big forest out there?) Don't know, will restructure myself, and start again next year, focusing on work. (Goal is to date again?) Hope to have a perfect life, with both marriage and career, but career comes first because have to wait for fate to come. (Do you mind being compared to Alastair?) Nope, there was basically not separation of high and low anyway."

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