Kicking away Moses Chan, Bernice Liu often texts new love at work

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Kicking away Moses Chan, Bernice Liu often texts new love at work

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:55 am

Credit : Source: Singtao, TVB Channel
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kicking away Moses Chan, Bernice Liu often texts new love at work

Often getting photographed by the media with rich boy Alastair Lam, Bernice Liu still remains in a great mood. When she was shooting for TVB sitcom Show Me The Happy, she was often seen texting. Her co-star Roger Kwok announced he's going to become a father for the second time and will have a show to attend on Christmas Eve with Bernice later.

Recently, Bernice has been closely interacting with Alastair, and was even photographed holding hands and own a single home in Repulse Bay. Looks like she has made some success in her love life! The day before, she was working on sitcom Show Me The Happy like normal, and was bitten by a few mosquitoes. However, Bernice did not complain at all, she just told her assistant: "Have another two bites!"

When she didn't have to film, Bernice stood aside quietly to read the script, when suddenly reporters started taking photos. She looked up and smiled at the camera, then reporters discovered that when she was waiting to film, she was often texting by the road side. Wonder if she's texting her new boyfriend, to cure her lovesick pain.

As the sitcom is a comedy, always bringing along happiness, just like Roger Kwok who will soon become a father once again: "Pretty lucky! Because Bernice and I are already gonna do a show together on Christmas Eve. Then later may have some performances at shopping mall events." Asked if Bernice is in a new relationship? Roger joked: "Basically I am not a noisy guy. Unless the she tells me, I will definitely congratulate her! But I won't go ask her on my own!"

Although Roger does not get into his partner's personal life, Bernice is very concerned of Roger's entire family. Roger said: "Because Bernice's sister has kids, so whenever there is some type of activities for children, like new playgroups, free children activities, music performances and much more, she will become a 'reporter' and save my wife and I lots of time. She is really good, very enthusiastic."

First time working with a Western girl, how does it feel? Roger joked: "I can finally get a taste of the Western girls! Bernice's personality is very optimistic, so I have no pressure. This time, it's very enjoyable, it would be best if we could shoot for another year, haha!"

Also, it was said that Moses Chan is "kept in the dark" and didn't break up with Bernice yet, so when he's working he's often appearing lonely and sad. Reporters called Moses Chan for a response on Bernice's new relationship with Alastair Lam. Asked if he feels hurt being treated like that? He said: "Leave it! (Have hard feelings?) Don't say that, leave it! The issue has a lot of people concerned about me, everything is normal. (Congratulate her?) I will not respond! Before I have always been low-key, it is the same now. I hope the issue can go by as soon as possible." He frankly said that he has not been affected by the issue.

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