Charmaine Sheh responds to Moses-Bernice break up: "Don't mess with me"

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Charmaine Sheh responds to Moses-Bernice break up: "Don't mess with me"

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:56 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh responds to Moses-Bernice break up: "Don't mess with me"

Currently in Wuxi shooting a Mainland series, Charmaine Sheh had rumors of 'sparking love' with Moses Chan after shooting series with him. Yesterday when she accepted an interview through the phone, she said that she does not know about the news that he broke up with Bernice Liu.

As to Moses Chan's 'double loss', losing award and girlfriend, Charmaine supported him as the Princess, she said: "I will always support Fu Ma (Princess's husband) no matter what! (Netizens said now that Moses lost Bernice, he can get together with you?) Aiya! Don't get me into this! This issue, not convenient for me to be involved. (Will you call and comfort him?) Moses is a very positive person, very optimistic, I believe he can handle it well."

Spends Christmas digging for goal

As many people wanted the two to become a pair, Charmaine laughed: "People are mixing up between on and off screen, we are all just colleagues, audience are getting too into it!" During Christmas and New Years, she'll still be in Mainland, losing many opportunities to make extra income. Charmaine said: "I get money from this series too! It's not a loss, later I will be rushing back to HK to attend functions."

Also, Bernice's new rumored boyfriend Alastair Lam accepted an interview yesterday and when speaking of Moses feeling sour about his relationship with Bernice, he frankly said that he does not know Moses, it's hard to tell how he's feeling.

When asked about Moses' 'double loss', Alastair asked reporters whats meant by 'double loss', then he said: "He has double loss? Bernice and I are friends, you all are mistaken! She doesn't just have me as her male friend. (Admire each other?) Don't be so sensitive, we are just friends, don't talk about dating, it will affect her, she's a girl! Did you all investigate properly?"

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