Nancy Sit does 'Nobody' dance making up for TVB neglecting Bowie Lam's Asia TV King Award

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Nancy Sit does 'Nobody' dance making up for TVB neglecting Bowie Lam's Asia TV King Award

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:04 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Nancy Sit does 'Nobody' dance making up for TVB neglecting Bowie Lam's Asia TV King Award

Bowie Lam, Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, Evergreen Mak, Pierre Ngo and Elena Kong attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Jiujiang's Wine (九江意醲). Once Nancy saw the fresh baked 'Asia TV King' Bowie Lam, she immediately went over to congratulate him. When she learned TVB had no expression, Nancy did the Nobody dance in front of Bowie on the spot. Bowie started laughing hard at Nancy's sillyness and was so happy he danced with her. When Nancy was introducing all the characters, she introduced Bowie as the Asia TV King, and said: "Let the TV King do some talking too, I'm afraid TVB neglected you." Then she teased Sunny Chan as the "Shower TV King".

Initially the male cast had to shave their heads for the costume fitting, but Bowie didn't, he explained: "Initially today I was going to go shave my head like a professional, but this morning I found out that I got the 'Most Popular Male Artist Award' on a Mainland website, and will be going to Beijing to get the award later this month. (What did TVB had to express?) I bumped into an executive earlier, [he/she] asked me if I was upset with TVB, I said I'm not. I have collaborated with TVB for so long, and will definitely continue in the future. Perhaps they just have too much to do, but told me next month there will be a celebration. (The executive was Virgina Lok?) Hehehe!" As to how he will reward himself? Bowie said although he has the title, but he won't be carried away with the victory and be too proud.

Linda Chung plays someone with short leg syndrome

When Nancy found out TVB had no expression to Bowie winning the Asia TV King award and didn't sent anyone out to pick him up at the airport, she felt that wasn't too good. She joked: "How come didn't notify me? I will grab a large group of people and do the Nobody dance at the airport. I will also treat him to a meal at the TVB cafe to celebrate." Also, Linda Chung plays a girl who has a short-leg syndrome, and is worried that shooting for 3 months will affect her pelvic bone.

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