TVB starts new cop series with Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan, avoids Philippines bus hostage incident

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TVB starts new cop series with Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan, avoids Philippines bus hostage incident

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:48 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

TVB starts new cop series with Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan, avoids Philippines bus hostage incident

TVB will be starting a new series mid-January Special Duties Unit. The series is led by Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan and will highlight the latest investigating equipment through different cases. With the latest equipment and new clothing, how will the Special Duties Unit protect Hong Kong citizens property and life? However, to avoid triggering audience sad memories, TVB decides to not add in the actual case of the Philippines bus hostage incident.

Last year, a Hong Kong bus tour group was held hostage in the Philippines, the incident was a complete failure because the police did not handle the rescue operation properly, sacrificing 8 innocent lives. The tragic event led to anger and grief from the entire Hong Kong community. In view of this, TVB had decided to start shooting a new series called Special Duties Unit that revolves around training high quality Hong Kong Special Duties Unit and this will be the series selling point. Joe Ma was once a G4 in the police force, therefore he is the best candidate to play the person in charge of the Special Duties Unit. The team under Joe includes Vincent Wong, Him Law, William Chak and Benjamin Yuen. The group of newcomers are requested to have good physical ability, otherwise it will be hard for them to handle the difficult training process required during filming. As for Jessica Hsuan, she plays the person in charge of The Criminal Investigation Unit. Jessica and Joe will have a romantic storyline with dedicated feelings.

Producer (Lam Chi Wah) was asked if it's because of the Philippines tour bus hostage incident that he decided to shoot this series? He denied: "No, decided this type of series before the incident, it is something well worth to do. The Special Duties Unit not only knows how to use guns and burst through doors, but their operations are have great deployment. Need to really have brains and high EQ. Some cases are also true stories and real people." Asked if he would add in the Philippines tour bus hostage incident in as a case? Lam reveals: "We will not use audience sorrows as a selling point, but will have other hostage cases. We will also be using the latest uniforms and equipment. This time the production cost for this series is 3 times more than an average TV series." He reveals that there will be a total of 13 episodes, broadcasting every Saturday. Each episode will be about 1 case. The plot is very compact, and is in hope to bring an alternative type of series for audience to chase.

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