Ron Ng cares less about himself, speeds and crashes car

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Ron Ng cares less about himself, speeds and crashes car

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:50 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng cares less about himself, speeds and crashes car

Yesterday morning, Ron Ng, Linda Chung and JJ Jia were shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Men and Women Chooses Residence. The scene was about Ron speeding on the road, and gets into a car accident, while Linda and JJ are in a taxi circling around looking for him. As there was a stunts double to do the 'car crash' scene for him, he still had to personally shoot the speeding segment: "Although I'm already pass the speeding age, I still like to drive and even learned drifting from Chin Ka Lok. Initially I was going to personally take on the car crash scene myself, but because my face won't be on camera, TVB made arrangements for a stunts double. They will be even more professional, so can relax and just do the crash."

Towards Charmaine Sheh expressing that she has intentions on heading north to develop, and spoke out about wanting a raise, Ron said anyone would want a raise: "I also hope TVB gives me a raise, add the earnings for shows, then employees will put more effort into their work. It's true that Mainland series pays good, almost 2-3 times more than what is paid in HK. Also, during the filming progress, artists don't have to take part in shows or events, and can focus on the filming. Artists are also treated well, just have to suffer from being homesick. Actually it is very attractive, TVB has been helping me find Mainland jobs in the past few years, but I still have a good few years before my contract is up. When the time comes, I'll think about going out to develop."

As for Linda and JJ, they were shooting a being in the rain scene. Linda joked and said she especially have fate with rain, every time she shoots a series, there are rain scenes. Linda did all her safety measures, like wearing 4 layers of clothing and wear a rain coat when it's time to film. Even on her neck, she put on tape to block water from going in. JJ, on the other hand, had no preparations at all, she said: "I was initially going to make ginger tea, but then I didn't have enough time. I really hope my mom can get back from Jinan (China) so she can take care of me. (Find a boyfriend to do it!) Leave it, the boys now, if I don't have to take care of them, it's already good enough."

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