Jessica Hsuan is not afraid of rumors with Joe Ma

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Jessica Hsuan is not afraid of rumors with Joe Ma

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:54 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Jessica Hsuan is not afraid of rumors with Joe Ma

Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung were at the costume fitting for TVB new series Special Duties Unit. Jessica plays a criminal investigator and Joe plays an officer in the Special Duties Unit. As Jessica is playing an inspector, she will often have action scenes, but usually the "zero exercise" Jessica was told by the Producer to do more exercises.

Jessica will also have a romantic storyline with Joe, she expressed that she is insulated to men, and not afraid of rumors. As for the former G4 officer, Joe Ma frankly said that the nature of G4 work is different from the Special Duties Unit. Asked if he will have to get fit again? He said: "Yes! But showing muscles, leave it to those muscle men. I don't sell my muscles."

Swollen eyes Oscar Leung expressed that he had some wood pieces fall into his eyes earlier when he was shooting for The Female Martial Artist. Yesterday his eyes had an infection again, and the day before he had to undergo an eyelid surgery. This time he'll be pairing up with Christine Kuo, asked if there are going to be intimate scenes? He laughed: "There should be some. I laugh just thinking of it. Just now when she touched my hair, I got all stiff. (Love sparks when filming starts?) It's hard to say! I'll tell you all when the time comes."

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