Vivian Chow back on TVB after 15 years, warm up for concert

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Vivian Chow back on TVB after 15 years, warm up for concert

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:21 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Vivian Chow back on TVB after 15 years, warm up for concert

After 16 years, Vivian Chow returns to TVB for a special program. Last night, she arrived at TVB City to record for the special Vivian Chow . Favorite V25 inviting Leo Ku, William Chan, Louis Yuen, Larwence Cheng, Linda Wong and Jo Koo as her guests. During the chats with her friends, it was exposed that back then Louis was known as 'New School Danny Chan' and Vivian was 'New School Yoshie Kashiwabara'. Once responsible for the interview of Vivian on RTHK, Lawrence teased that she used to be so clumsy as a DJ, often knocking down everything and even had her dress slipped as a MC.

Vivian expressed she's very happy to have the opportunity to shoot a 25 year anniversary special. She frankly said she had not done this type of show for 15 years. She said: "TVB arranged many rising star films to broadcast, creating anticipation and surprises." Vivian said she'll be performing the song Favorite, the director insisted that she personally play the guitar to make it an excellent performance. However, it's been a long time since she played the guitar, so she can only suck it up and take on the task. When speaking of her upcoming concert in March, Vivian said that she has to receive extra training from her singing teacher. Afterall, it has been several years since she sang. To be fully prepared for the concert, this special will be her warm up. In the special, Vivian will duet with each of her guests.

Vivian and Leo Ku have known each other for many years after their duet Love Too Late. Leo and Vivien can even be 'impromptu', Leo said: "One time after Vivian and I had dinner, before getting back into the car, I suddenly told her that I'm itching. She asked me what happened? I said that I'm itching to ride the subway because it's been many years since I've had a ride on it. Then she accompanied me on the subway from Lantian to Wong Tai Shan. We took pictures in the train throughout our whole journey. Perhaps we were sat near the end of the train, there was only one citizen that recognized us. Once that person saw us, they were a little surprised and thought we were shooting a scene." Leo said for Vivian's concert, although she hasn't started looking for guests, he said in advance that he can be her guest at anytime, will certainly fulfill any wishes.

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