Lunar New Year film 'I Love Hongkong' holds premiere on the airplane

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Lunar New Year film 'I Love Hongkong' holds premiere on the airplane

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:30 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Lunar New Year film 'I Love Hongkong' holds premiere on the airplane

The night before, after Sandra Ng completed the Mr. and Mrs. Incredible promotion, she attended another new years event yesterday morning. She expressed that she plans to take her daughter to Australia during Lunar New Year to experience life there.

This year Sandra has two Lunar New Year films Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and I Love HongKong. However, she's not afraid of battling herself: "Not afraid, the market can digest it. If the real estate market is doing well, then the film market will do well too. Good economy, then people will be in good moods and will have interest in watching movies." Askd if she wants her husband Peter Chan's produced film Mr. and Mrs. Incredible to do even better in the box office? Sandra said: "Hope so!" Not long after, she quickly tried to fix what she said: "Well I Love HongKong is also a very funny film."

Yesterday afternoon, Sandra met up with Eric Tsang, Fala Chen and Samantha Ko in Singapore to promote for I Love Hongkong and held the film preview premiere up on the airplane cabin 36,000 feet high in the sky, all guests on the flight were really surprised and wanted to take pictures with them. Sandra acted as the pilot and read out the forecast, she expressed English Singapore's hot weather, that it reached up to 100 degrees C, she also said: "So hot going to lie on the street!"

First time entering the Captain's cabin, Sandra greatly felt holding a premiere high up in the sky is something new, she said: "They were inviting a beautiful girl to the Captain's cabin, so I raised my hand fast enough! If it was Samantha Ko, then it would be dangerous! (In the film, always get beat up by people?) Yes! One scene was done by a stunts double. (Pregnant?) Mention it again!? No!" As for Eric, he expressed that his wish is to have a premiere on sea, land and air. As for Sandra's other film, he calmly said: "She can only hope because we will win! I Love HongKong is a film tailored for the people of HK, I have high confidence for the local box office, for Mainland they might win."

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