Maggie Cheung loses the long hair, sticks to Wayne Lai absorbing his luck

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Maggie Cheung loses the long hair, sticks to Wayne Lai absorbing his luck

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:27 am

credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Maggie Cheung loses the long hair, sticks to Wayne Lai absorbing his luck

Yesterday Maggie Cheung was trying out costumes for TVB series Forensic Heroes III and did not hesitate to cut off her long hair that she grew for several years. However, she laughed: "Actually my hair could be shorter, but didn't want to go too far." Producer Miu Siu Ching had nothing but praises for her: "Maggie is really good, we are so rushed and she's still willing to help out, so professional!" Getting praised by the producer, Maggie modestly expressed: "In fact, when they asked me, I was very surprised, I know they were in a huge rush. I'm also very familiar with Siu Ching and under this coincidental opportunity I accepted this series." Maggie described this as her "most rushed, most excited and have the most new challenge" yet.

Regarding lead actor and 'multi-TV King' Wayne Lai, Maggie expressed many years ago she collaborated with him in A Road and A Will and earlier they worked on Lunar New Year film I Love Hongkong together too. She joked: "I also hope to stick onto his prosperity!" Asked if she would be taller than Wayne? She laughed: "In fact, we didn't even think about this qstion, but before when I was shooting a series, wearing long clothing and dress, I was still not as tall as him. It should be okay. (Have to accommodate him?) Don't say it like that, I rarely accommodate my co-stars, for this series, I should be wearing heels that are only an inch high."

Also, Maggie expresses that she hopes Charmaine Sheh will get well soon. Asked if minds being the replacement? Maggie expressed she didn't think about that: "Actually someone will have to do it, coincidentally the timing was right for me. So I accepted the job!"

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