Wayne Lai & Ron Ng laugh at each other's 'Chok looks' in the cold

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Wayne Lai & Ron Ng laugh at each other's 'Chok looks' in the cold

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:31 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wayne Lai & Ron Ng laugh at each other's 'Chok looks' in the cold

TVB new series Forensic Heroes III lead actress Charmaine Sheh withdrew from the series due to being injured, her replacement Maggie Cheung has not formally been added to the cast yet. To avoid any interruptions in the shooting process, the two lead actors Wayne Lai and Ron Ng have been shooting nonstop in the last few days, even into the late cold nights, it can be said 'adding hail to snow'. Perhaps Ron was affected by good friend Raymond Lam's famous Chok look, but today he returned to work looking like a hot guy. On contrast, have always went down the comedy path, Wayne Lai pretends to be cool this time as the investigator team leader. The two 'handsome guys' could not help but laugh at each other 'Chok' appearances, it was a funny scene!

FH3 had a rough start with lead actress Charmaine Sheh suddenly getting injured and had to withdraw from the series, Producer Miu Siu Ching quickly found Maggie Cheung to replace her. After all, it is a change of actresses on a short notice, the shooting process has indeed been interrupted. Maggie just did her costume tryouts yesterday, and the fastest she can start working is this Thursday (27th). Lead actress cannot start working formally yet, but the two lead actors are working nonstop, through the cold weather and late nights.

At the scene, it was seen that after Ron completed the car garage scene, when he got off the car he continued to have the Chok look, taking off his helmet with one hand, posing handsomely. For the close-up camera angles, he showed off his handsome qualities. However, when the director called cut, he couldn't help himself and laughed, Wayne was besides him and laughed with him nonstop.

Later, it was lead investigator Wayne Lai's turn. The scene was about Wayne leading his team to the crime scene, the director requested that he make a Chok look and act cool, he was also asked to be more natural. After completing the scene, everyone was secretly laughed because Wayne was not used to acting so cool. Besides Wayne was Ron who was laughing and saying he wasn't used to seeing 'Chai Gau' so handsome leading a whole team. During shooting, the weather was very cold, everyone was just trying their best to hold it in, so when they didn't have to shoot, they would immediately put on their heavy coats to keep warm.

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