Raymond Lam popularity over popularity in the year of Rabbit

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Raymond Lam popularity over popularity in the year of Rabbit

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:44 am

credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam popularity over popularity in the year of Rabbit

It's the start of the Rabbit year, Raymond Lam continues being busy in the three industries - TV, music and film. Along with Ads and his concert, he is a strong gold absorber. He's income is estimated to have reached 10 million. In the new year, Raymond is filled with confidence and also did not forget to write a word of blessing to the [Mingpao] readers. He hopes that everyone will have 'Sufficient Fung Clothing and Food' (峰衣足食) and is 'Fung Prosperous' (峰生水起). (TN: Raymond used his name (峰 'Fung') in the Chinese idioms '丰衣足食' and '風生水起' meaning 'well fed and clothed' and 'being prosperous' respectively. The characters (丰) and (風) in both idioms are also pronounced as 'Fung')

Raymond has been busy from the Tiger year and into the Rabbit year. Asked if he has time to meet a 'Rabbit Girl' girlfriend? He laughed: "Girlfriend born in the year of Rabbit is fine, but what happens if she's a Tiger? Won't that mean a lion? Relationships, leave it to fate! Perhaps I have to find someone older to fit me. It's more like I need her to look after me instead. I told Ron Ng before, perhaps we need to find an 'Ah Sei' (maid) to be our girlfriends because we have no time to take care of her!" The topic then changed to Linda Chung, Raymond expressed that it's just rumors, he rather rumor something that is more real, but first have to bear with his career. He really admires Carol Zhu giving behind the scenes support to her husband Andy Lau and for so many years too, it is not easy.

Declines job for family

Each year, Raymond gets busier and busier, but he insists on taking the Lunar New Year off to spend with his family. "This New Year, depending on where my grandmother is in Hong Kong or Xiamen, I will definitely be with her because in the last few years, she did not have good health. I want to have more time to spend with her. I declined all of my Lunar New Year jobs, even the large-scale Lunar New Year's Eve show in Mainland, I didn't do." In fact, since last year Raymond started not to accept jobs on Lunar New Year's Eve, he hopes to be able to countdown to the new year with his family, so he wants to be in his hometown Xiamen, convenient for seeing his family.

When speaking of his Rabbit year wish? Raymond said: "I am very pleased with the development I had last year, feels very rich. TV, music and film, I was developing in all three at the same time, including Mainland series and films, music album and concert. Recently, I completed the recording of my Mandarin album, it's work that I really want to be able to do this year. I hope I will have more jobs and no less, as well as new breakthroughs in the new year. In the new film Tale of the White Snake, a new frontier starts, taking in a new type of audience."

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