Miriam appeared with bulge, suspect pregnant

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Miriam appeared with bulge, suspect pregnant

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:47 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Newly weds Miriam Yeung and husband Real Ting appeared at the Tung Wah 140th Anniversary charity evening last night. Miriam sported a yellow short sequined shift dress which displayed a little bulge in the stomach region, suspecting she is pregnant.

However, Miriam confidently expressed that she is not pregnant. Her previous profession was nursing and she is aware of the conditions for pregnancy. She added that it is important for her to get herself to good health first and will provide a smoother way to able to conceive naturally.
Miriam expressed that she is currently busy learning scripts for the upcoming filming happening in April and May. When asked if she falls pregnant during filming period, she answered that she would like to have a baby this Year of the Rabbit, but if she has not conceived these 2 months, then she will wait for having a baby in the Year of the Snake.

With many celebrities having babies later on in their career, Miriam is very aware she has reached the older age for pregnancy and once pregnant, she will need to take extra care and rest more. As it was complained by husband Real that Miriam is a workaholic, she admitted that there were times that she has different opinions and says that she will never join husband’s management company, to avoid arguments and seeing each other too often.

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