Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu bickers on and off screen,

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Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu bickers on and off screen,

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:52 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu bickers on and off screen

It is Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu's first collaboration in TVB series The Rippling Blossom. They play a joyful bickering couple. Unexpectedly, the two not only bickers on-screen, but even continues to off-screen. Chilam said he hopes to be a female role next time and ask Bosco Wong to be the boyfriend. Myolie immediately refuted, she said that she wants to be in a male role to fight with Chilam for Anita Yuen!

Chilam expressed that Rippling is the first series he plays a madly hilarious role. He said: "The role this time is exceptional. Comedies I have done before, but this is the first time that it's madly hilarious. In the series, I'm often day dreaming, there was one scene where we had to wear ancient costumes to do one of my day dreaming scenes. This is something that makes people really happy. Also this is my first time working with Myoile, it was really fun, we discuss and solve problems together." Myolie, who was sitting besides him immediately complained, she joked that there was basically no discussing leeway at all. She said: "He has too many sudden and unexpected hilarious moments that I couldn't resist. I was surprised on how rich his comedic skills were. He reacts fast, and usually I can't keep up with him. During our collaboration, I have always thought Chilam was just pretending to be a serious person, but when we were shooting in Japan, he completely unmasked himself. He can be so playful, it's crazy. He's a really naughty big kid." As for Chilam, he praised that Myolie is a professional actress, and said he's a fan of hers. He laughed: "I watched her series before, like A Chip Off The Block and To Grow With Love. Myolie is different from the average artist, she is willing to sacrifice and devote herself. This spirit is well worth the encouragement and praise."

Flip roles to fight for other half

It's been several years since Chilam been in a TVB series, he frankly said he feels it's handy and hopes to shoot different types of series to satisfy his craving. He said: "Before when I was shooting in Mainland, I had to speak in Mandarin. This time I can finally say my lines in Cantonese again, feels like a 'fish back in the water' (glad to be back in familiar surrounding). If there is an opportunity, I hope to have a fresh new character. I want to be a woman, a woman with a good body figure. (Who is going to be the lead actor?) Bosco Wong! Try both." Myolie immediately said to him: "I also want to be a man, for my co-star of course Anita Yuen, fight with you for her!"

Announcing relationship, no need to be evasive

Myolie hopes that in the future, she can collaborate with Chilam again. She believes that they can give off a different spark. She said: "Another collaboration will definitely be even better. This time, I adapted to his style of 'don't care about other people's feelings'. In our future collaboration, it will be even more natural and have more chemistry. Next time, he's going to be a woman, then let me be the man. I hope audience will like the 'Cheung-Wu' combination." Myolie also told Chilam to share his feelings when he announced his relationship back in the day. Chilam felt that it's not necessary to be too evasive, the audience now are very accepting. He said: "Just like Kimura Takuya who has two daughters, and still just as popular. He's the Number 1 male star in Japan. I have a son too, and still there are people who appreciate my acting and singing." So will Myolie copy Chilam and announce her relationship with long time rumored boyfriend Bosco? Myolie laughed: "If have one then I'll announce!"

Little Morton reports to mom on dad's kiss scenes

Chilam reveals this his son Morton is a TV fan, often supporting his series. He said: "Last time when he was watching Who's the Hero and saw the kiss scene between Ada Choi and I, he immediately went to report to his mom and said I was kissing that girl on TV, luckily I reported to my wife beforehand."

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