Virgina Lok admits someone using silver bullet to steal Charmaine Sheh

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Virgina Lok admits someone using silver bullet to steal Charmaine Sheh

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:59 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Virgina Lok admits someone using silver bullet to steal Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh's TVB contract expires in April, it was rumored that she has intentions on going out to develop and therefore has not picked up the pen to sign the contract renewal. There are also news that the 36 year old Charmaine has connections with a Beijing wealthy second generation and is ready to be a wealthy wife. Towards the rumors, Charmaine expressed through her manager that she is currently resting and will "not respond". As for TVB executive Virgina Lok, she admits that someone is using the silver bullet to 'steal' Charmaine. However, the over 10 year relationship with TVB coupled with the fact that Charmaine is a person who looks heavy on social relations, TVB has confidence that they can keep the cooperative relationship.

Supports Charmaine didn't fake injury to turn down new series

Reporters contacted Virgina Lok to confirm the rumors of Charmaine's intentions on leaving TVB? Virgina supported Charmaine, she first clarified the doubts on her joint dislocation accident. She said: "Charmaine had always been very filial. She is a professional artist, she puts in all the efforts she's got into every job that she's offered. It is absolutely impossible that she's faking her injury."

Confidence in maintaining a cooperative relationship

As if Charmaine has other developmental plans when her contract expires in April? Miss Lok expressed that Charmaine in fact does have great opportunities to develop in the market and there are people who used the silver bullet to tempt her, anyone facing this situation will get itchy. She said: "Today Charmaine's status and being tempted by the silver bullet are all her achievements from many years of hard work. I congratulate her. She has an over 10 year relationship with TVB, if she really just looks at the money, then she would have left long ago. My perspective is, of course, to fight for continuing collaborations with Charmaine. I also have confidence that we can maintain the relationship." Virgina was asked if she needs to emotionally touch her to counteract the silver bullet? She said Charmaine looks heavy on social relations, otherwise she wouldn't have stayed in TVB for so many years.

If have boyfriend, then urges to marry

With regards to if Charmaine is currently in a sweet relationship with a wealthy second generation? Miss Lok expressed that she is unsure of the rumors. She is Charmaine's friend, of course she hopes Charmaine can find an ideal other half. Whether or not if he's a billionaire, it is still something worth congratulating. Miss Lok also said that if Charmaine has a boyfriend, then she would urge her to quickly marry.

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