Bosco Wong copies Andy Lau's move in responding to rumors

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Bosco Wong copies Andy Lau's move in responding to rumors

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:24 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong copies Andy Lau's move in responding to rumors

Bosco Wong copies Andy Lau's move in responding to rumors

TVB game show All Star Glam Exam hosted by Grasshopper was recording a new episode last night. Grasshopper invited Michael Tse, Chrisse Chow, Sharon Chan and Bosco Wong as guests. This time Remus Choi wore 6 inch heels, teasing that it's all because of the tall girls Chrissie and Sharon. During the "Star Pose King" game, Edmond So wanted Michael to pose like the Chok king, Michael asked: "Raymond Lam? (Edmond: I didn't say.) Raymond is the most Chok, and handsome." Immediately after, Michael posed Raymond's Chok look, he appeared like he was filled with feelings, but funny at the same time. Edmond joked that Bosco Wong's dance is more Chok than 'Choi Fung Wah', he said: "I am saying he (Bosco) is more Chok than Remus (Choi), Raymond (Fung) and Michael (Wah)."

When Michael was dancing, he accidentally dropped the diamond brooch from his suit. He was so frightened he tried looking everywhere for it. Michael said thhat the brooch was given to him by his sponsor, so he really feared that he wouldn't be able to find it. When Calvin introduced Chrissie out on stage, he said: "Na Na (Chrissie) is healthy sexy. She's got the good looks and body figure, making men take a step back because she's just too good, men feel frightened."

Bosco and rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu were spotted clothes shopping together a few days ago. It was also reported that Bosco bought a 3 level property and Myolie forced him to open a joint million dollar account. During the show last night, the media kept asking him when he's going to announce his relationship with Myolie? Bosco copied Andy's move and said: "Behave, behave, don't ask! (But you and Myolie were dating and strolling the streets in public?) Myolie and I have the same image consultant. We went to buy clothes together and paid separately." As to the joint account, he explained that he personally has an investment manager, and introduced [him/her] to Myolie so she can invest too. Bosco knows how much money Myolie has, is there relationship that close? He said immediately: "Behave, don't ask!"

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