Yoyo Mung & Kristal Tin compatible as ever on first collaboration

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Yoyo Mung & Kristal Tin compatible as ever on first collaboration

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:14 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Yoyo Mung & Kristal Tin compatible as ever on first collaboration

Yoyo Mung and Kristal Tin have been in the entertainment circle for many years, but TVB series Only You is their first collaboration. With no past collaboration, even before the series started shooting, the two were already as compatible as ever during the costume fitting. Their friendship went thousand miles in a day. When they started shooting, the two had a common goal of playing jokes on the cast and crew, bringing laughter and pleasure for everyone.

Earlier the two met up at a seafood shop to buy goods. Already married and someone's wife, Kristal was quite skillful in her selections. The currently in love Yoyo, on the other hand, was looking up and down, left and right when trying to distinguish the different fish maws. This made Kristal laugh out loud. Then the two picked out abalone together, an experienced Kristal said: "Before I started eating as a vegetarian, I can easily cook up dishes serving 10 people with absolutely no problem. Abalone, ginseng, wings, tripes, I can do it all. My husband Chapman To is also a very good cook, but we can't eat together because we'll have disagreement, so its either him or me that cooks, otherwise there will definitely be an argument."

Yoyo's cooking skills are in the progress of improvement, she expressed that she is fortune that she has many friends, besides passing on their cooking experiences to her, they would give her a super deal on buying high quality goods, definitely a huge profit for her.

"Owe Her In The Past Life"

When speaking of their friendship that just clicked like that, Kristal laughed: "Ah Yo (Yoyo) appears like a woman on the surface, but in fact she's very much like a man! On the set, it was really dry for everyone, so we tried to make it fun! Though this is my first time working with her, but oddly we don't even need a warm up, we were already like this even before we started shooting. I probably owe her something in my past life." Yoyo said: "It wasn't that severe when we were shooting, it was later that we got more familiar. Our whole group were always very noisy on a daily basis, very happy!"

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