Charmaine Sheh implies she's leaving TVB, but considers 'per series' contract

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Charmaine Sheh implies she's leaving TVB, but considers 'per series' contract

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:39 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh implies she's leaving TVB, but considers 'per series' contract

Last night, Charmaine Sheh wore a tube dress with diamonds valued at HK$10 million to attend the Jewels of Italy Show 2011 as a guest. She arrived at the scene 5 minutes before the show started. Charmaine expressed that yesterday was the first day of recovery since her injury. Asked how her condition is now? She said: "I'm all better, but still have to do physical therapy. It's easy though, not hard to do, but I temporarily cannot do action scenes. (Lost a lot of opportunities to earn money during the time of your injury?) Everyone, don't put salt on my injury, I lost stage performance opportunities and a series (FH3) that is clearly going to do well. (Did you lose 7 figures?) Around there."

However, what everyone is most concerned about is if Charmaine is leaving TVB to Mainland for 10 million? Charmaine declined to comment, she said: "First off, I am very grateful to have everyone's concern on what path I'm going on and my contract. TVB is my 'maternal home', a place where I grew up in and our relationship will remain positive. No matter where I go, I will still treat TVB as my home" Charmaine was asked exactly when her contract will expire? She did not reveal when, and just said this year. She admitted that when her contract expires this year, she is considering changing it to a 'per series' contract. Based on her comment, she no longer wishes to be a TVB biological daughter anymore.

Asked if she's offered 10 million to shoot Mainland series? Charmaine avoided discussing about money: "It's not about the money. (It was rumored that TVB will broadcast new series Flower Sister Flower World to push you up for TV Queen and convince you to stay?) I do not control when the series release." She also expressed that she will definitely do the promotions for the series when it airs. After she answered the questions, she appeared disheartened and quickly entered the venue for the show. Later, when Charmaine was leaving, reporters asked about the rumors that she faked her injury and is currently dating a Mainland wealthy man? She said promptly: "I don't need to respond to this story!"

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