Bernice Liu Leaving TVB Due to Disappointment

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Bernice Liu Leaving TVB Due to Disappointment

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:48 am

Credit : Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: JayneStars

Bernice Liu Leaving TVB Due to Disappointment

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee was caught on a date with Richard Li’s cousin, Alastair Lam Chi Ho last December, tabloids have portrayed Bernice as a gold digger. The news also brought to light that Bernice’s 6-year relationship with Moses Chan Ho had ended.

At TVB for ten years, Bernice was highly sought after by advertisers and was one of the top earning actresses at one point. Despite this, no TVB executive stepped forward to support Bernice during the onslaught of negative rumors following the exposure of her relationship with Alastair. Disheartened by the lack of company support, Bernice allegedly considered leaving TVB when her contract ends next year.

In contrast, when Raymond Lam Fung was criticized by Shaw Brothers executive, Lawrence Wong, for lacking a firm standing in the film industry, TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong, wrote a letter of encouragement to Raymond. TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, showed the letter to the media. TVB executives’ public display of support was much stronger for Raymond in this incident, while Bernice received no support during her scandal.

Bernice Liu Spotted Dining Out With Alastair Lam

Although Bernice may be neglected by TVB, her relationship with rumored boyfriend, Alastair Lam, may have strengthened. Several days ago, reporters spotted Bernice eating dinner with Alastair, while accompanied by other friends. When reporters asked Alastair about his relationship with Bernice, he said, “On that evening, dinner was between three friends and one assistant. The dinner was very enjoyable. I will not respond about the ‘relationship.’ The press seems to publish its own version of the story. Anyway, we were not together and did not break up.” (Did Alastair speak to his cousin, Richard Li, about his break-up with Isabella Leong Lok Sze?) Alastair answered even more carefully, “I will not talk about my family’s private matters. I will not respond.”

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