Andy Hui personally announces he and Sammi Cheng are back together

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Andy Hui personally announces he and Sammi Cheng are back together

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:38 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Andy Hui personally announces he and Sammi Cheng are back together

Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng's rumors has been going on for 20 years. Since their breakup, Andy lost a pop queen to depend on, and his popularity quickly went downhill. To rescue his dead water career, in the last several years Andy would borrow the rumors to get up top. In the most recent one, he made a fierce move and ditched his girlfriend outside of the industry, Michelle Yu, who he had secretly been dating for 3 years. This stirred up suspicions that there is a triangle love going on. Although there are more negative news than positive ones, the rumors led to a path of riches. Soon, Andy and his brothers from BIG FOUR are going to hold a concert tour with over 20 shows.

Soon to hold his concert, Andy was again "coincidentally" photographed with Sammi eating out by the media. Immediately following the exposure, Andy tries to get promotions again. Yesterday he accepted Eileen Cha's radio interview and admitted that he and Sammi are back together. Later when he attended a public event, he personally announced in big smiles that he successfully got back together with Sammi. He said: "The reporters photographed that dinner I had with Sammi. In the last few days, Sammi and I have consensus, we feel that this is the truth, we should tell our friends about it. Dating is something very normal. We're giving us a try, get to know each other all over again."

Will not insult love

Andy reiterated that he and Sammi "just" sparked love again. He hopes the public can give them time and space. Asked how he attracted Sammi? He said: "Feelings. (Who pursued who?) There is no way to how feelings started, it's very natural." He admitted that the relationship caused a lot of pressure to him, so he will handle it low-key. When asked again if their relationship is sweeter than before? He smiled so much, wrinkles appeared on his face, and nodded: "Hmm."

As this time he admitted getting back together in high profile makes people suspect that he's trying to get promotions? Andy said: "I am very open about this, I believe no one can take a real relationship and treat it as promotion, otherwise it is an insult to the word love." It was said that the time was just coincidentally, it's hard for people to believe. He said: "If it has to come, then can't calculate it. For this matter, don't have to care about how others see it, just following my own heart."

Denies marrying this year

This year is Andy's 25th anniversary since he's entered the industry. Asked if getting Sammi back is the best gift? Andy laughed: "I hope so." There are reports saying that ex-girlfriend Michelle is clinically depressed, and his family has to encourage her to take medication. Andy avoided the question: "We have to look forward, look ahead into the future. Don't mention the past, she's not in the industry, don't bother her." Also, before Andy and Sammi's reconcile, there were several different rumors including that they'll be getting married this year, rushing to have children, and Sammi received 999 roses as part of the marriage proposal. Andy denied to everything, and said that marriage is too far away. Currently, they are just using a peaceful mind to face the future. Asked if he'll follow his girlfriend and believe in God? He said: "Today I am not talking about this issue."

At the event, Sammi and Andy's manager (Kwok Kai Wai) was asked if Sammi will be her boyfriend's guest at his concert? He admitted that it's planned: "In the last meeting, the first thing Andy asked was to erase Sammi's name off the list. I guess because they just got back together a week or two before, so he was a little nervous." Mr. Kwok agreed that announcing their relationship at this time does cause suspicions that it's all for promotions, but he supported Andy: "This promotion is harmful, there won't be someone that stupid."

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