Sammi Cheng speaks of reconcile: Outcome? I cannot say

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Sammi Cheng speaks of reconcile: Outcome? I cannot say

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:40 am

credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sammi Cheng speaks of reconcile: Outcome? I cannot say

Sammi Cheng is currently in Yunnan shooting for Johnnie To's new film with ex-rumored boyfriend Louis Koo. Yesterday Andy announced that he got back together with Sammi.

According to Sammi's close friend, reveals that [he/she] totally didn't know they were back together: "Sammi had always kept her love life a secret. She never told us friends, just that recently she's been said as Andy and Michelle's third person. She was very unhappy, taking in such a big accusation! In fact, after she broke up with Andy, they rarely keep in touch. It was only when Sammi made her comeback, the two were in the same company and had more contact." It was said Andy is using Sammi for promotions, the close friend said: "It's hard not to get criticized by people, but what's important is that Sammi is happy, her group of friends wishes her the best."

Currently in Yunnan, Sammi posted a new message on Weibo, expressing her support for Andy. The full message is as follows:

What Andy voiced out today, is our consensus. "Reconcile" is a word in the public's heart that is too anticipated. What fairytale, what perfect endings, I'm honestly afraid of this pressure. I'm not trying to make some so-called world shocking love, I just want to engage in a normal and practical love life. I admit that Andy and I have started a relationship again. What is the outcome? I cannot say. We broke up several years ago, we have to give each other suitable changes. We honestly need need 'to get along' and 'space'. Establishing the 'space' that we need is completely nonexistent in the world because video cameras and cameras suddenly intrudes into our peaceful moment, but what's strange is that my heart feels calm because I have always carried a 'let nature take its course' attitude. But not even a day has passed yet and we're already bombarded with questions about when we're getting married? When are we having kids? Yo! In the last 10 years we bumped into one another a few times, in the current phase, I honestly cannot confirm anything. Honestly, Andy was in a difficult position in this relationship, people are accustomed to measure his career success with me and him, but I can confirm that the first time he and I got together, both of us had nothing. As I said, couples had never been competitive or in a competition. Two people together, personality, thoughts, actions, and values are in 'agreement', are 'complementary' and 'communication', that is the main point.

In this situation, we are starting from fresh. I frankly hope that this relationship can blossom. Today I speak out, what I hope the most is for the media to give us 'space', let us live through a true normal love life.

Not concealing anything from you, that day at Taiping Museum, I was able to feel a type of happiness belonging to love all over again. This feeling, has been a long time. It's about time the 'straw mushroom' above my head fade away. On another note, 'pork spleen' is not for me to eat! That day what I got rid of was 'salted ox tongue'!"

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