Laughing Gor returns and gives everyone a lift

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Laughing Gor returns and gives everyone a lift

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:43 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Laughing Gor returns and gives everyone a lift

Yesterday TVB new series Salute Laughing Sir (潛行狙擊) (Literally: Sneak Attack) held its costume fitting. Laughing Gor Michael Tse, Damian Lau, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen and Kate Tsui attended the event. When the cast were introducing their own characters, Damian couldn't help but tease: "I left TVB for a whole year, so fortunate that now I'm back, Laughing Gor took me on a lift to be in this series." This made everyone laugh, they all copied Damian and thanked Laughing Gor for giving them a lift as well. Michael was extremely embarrassed!

Fala thinking of tricks to boss Michael around

Michael expressed that his role "Laughing Gor" police identity is reconstructed. He will have a relationship with Fala Chen, who plays his boss. Fala joked that she will come up with tricks to boss him around. During the time, Michael expressed he has good news to announce. Asked if it's his wife is pregnant? He said: "No, it's The Rippling Blossom finale got 1.8 million hits online." Later, reporters told him that the finale ratings averaged at 34 points, peaking at 38 points. He was extremely excited, asked if he will treat the crew for a meal? He laughed: "Have Big, Eat Big, it's a full house for Chilam Cheung's concert, over 10 million on both nights! I will tell Chilam to treat us for a celebration. But it's a happy thing, we can treat together, not a problem!"

Asked if he has to die this time? Michael said: "Not sure yet, only 6 or 7 episodes of the script came out." Fala expressed that in the series she and Michael have a boss-subordinate relationship, very implicit, not like Bosco and Kate's passionate love. She said: "This is my first time playing a police officer. I have to pretend to be cool and cut my hair short. My role won't need a tomboy haircut, but I am willing to sacrifice some of my hair for the role."

Bed scenes for Bosco and Kate

Bosco plays a crippled person in the triad and will develop a relationship with Kate. He laughed: "I love and hate her. I heard there's a lot of bed scenes too! (So wrong!) Yeah it's wrong, but we're always doings too!" Bosco was asked if he's afraid his girlfriend Myolie Wu will get jealous? He said: "No, just filming!" Kate and I won't be embarrassed, I never thought of her as a girl! We even thought about how wild we can get during the kiss scenes, like pulling hair, that type!"

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