Shirley Yeung fell down stairs, injured legs tragically turns into 'swollen pig trotters'

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Shirley Yeung fell down stairs, injured legs tragically turns into 'swollen pig trotters'

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:21 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Shirley Yeung fell down stairs, injured legs tragically turns into 'swollen pig trotters'

Last night, Shirley Yeung and Eric Tsang went to Macau for a performance, but had an accident. The two tripped and fell on the ground while walking up a set of uneven stairs. Shirley and Eric both fell and rolled down the stairs. Shirley was wearing a shoulder revealing evening dress and high heels, so her injury was more serious from the fall. Besides spraining her left leg, her left should is also swollen. She pulled a muscle on her neck and waist as well. Fortunately after the doctor took X-rays, there were no bone fractures, but she will have to take 4-5 days to recover. Shirley initially was suppose to go to Xiashan in Guangzhou to shoot a travel special, but due to the accident she's unable to go. TVB temporarily replaced her with Ben Wong.

Yesterday, Shirley uploaded a 'pig trotters' photo on Weibo and expressed: "I am feeling pain all over my body, going to faint soon, unable to do anything!" Reporters contacted Shirley yesterday and she said: "I carelessly fell down the stairs, at the time I was wearing high heels and a shoulder revealing dress, once I fell I was especially injured. However, later I did go on stage to finish up the performance before leaving. Later in the evening when I was taking the ferry back, I started to feel more and more pain. Back in HK, I went to the emergency room and didn't dare to tell my Mom about it, afraid that she'll be worried. My boyfriend (Gregory Lee) knows, he knows accidents are unpredictable! (Eric's injury?) He's really good, he and I both fell together, but he was totally fine, and could even pull me up!"

Eric has a martial arts background, encountering such accident, he was able to avoid getting injured, yesterday he said: "I am fine, I was only afraid of crushing Shirley, but I have to praise that she's very professional. After the accident, she still went back on stage to finish the performance and shook audiences' hands before leaving!"

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