Raymond Lam's 'bed photo' exposed, admits to have dated Mainland model Mavis Pan

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Raymond Lam's 'bed photo' exposed, admits to have dated Mainland model Mavis Pan

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:30 am

Credit : Source: Southcn.com, On.cc, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam's 'bed photo' exposed, admits to have dated Mainland model Mavis Pan

Lately, a suspected group found Hong Kong star Raymond Lam and 23 year old Mainland model and actress Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang 'bed photos' exposed. In the photos, Mavis is on the bed taking pictures, while Raymond in the background sleeping. Besides the bed photo, the tabloid magazines expose intimate photos of the two and Mavis' sexy photo. When everyone is wondering if the photos are fake, Raymond Lam personally admitted that he once dated Mavis for several months at the costume fitting for TVB new series Return to the Three Kingdoms. He said at the time, they were serious about the relationship, both sides had met the parents, but in the end because of personality issues and she couldn't accept his work schedule being too busy, so they had a peaceful breakup. When Raymond responded to this, he had teary eyes: "before I entered the industry, I have dated before, and after I entered the industry, I wanted to do. Over the years, I had some rumors, they were all fake, but she (Mavis) and I have in fact dated before, and have split up for a period of time already. I haven't kept in touch with her, and will not because of this incident." In the future, when he does date again, he will not deliberately hide it.

Mavis possesses a sexy body figure and can attract all five senses, she is regarded as the 'little Shu Qi'. Since Mavis signed with Poly Group, her first collaboration with Raymond was in Hong Kong film The Jade and The Pearl. According to an insider, the two met at the set of Jade and Pearl, Raymond played the lead actor in the film, Mavis played one of the palace princesses. On the set, the two chatted happily.

Raymond cried before meeting the media

[Mingpao] Yesterday Raymond Lam attended the press conference and costume fitting to TVB new series Return to the Three Kingdoms along with Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Joel Chan and the rest of the cast. Raymond appeared very haggard, his eyes were red and he admitted with watery eyes that he cried before he met the media. He sighed: "Since I entered the industry until now, I said before in an interview that I have dated before I entered the industry. After I entered, I have always wanted to date and find a girlfriend, but never have I admitted to any relationship. The rumors I had before were for promotions, this time I admit that Mavis and I have dated for a period of time, but the relationship already ended. We met when we were shooting The Jade and the Pearl." Asked if he meet her in 2009? Raymond said: "No, I really did put thought into developing the relationship. Because I said many times I wanted to date, but I don't want take the initiative to tell everyone, when someone discovers it, I won't deny."

No one wants girlfriend to be so sexy and revealing

Raymond made it clear that he does not feel he was betrayed, they broke up because he wants to find a person who truly suits him. When they started the relationship, he knows she was someone in the industry. As for Mavis, she loves to take sexy photos? Raymond said: "At first, she tried as much as possible to tone it down, no one likes their girlfriend being so sexy and revealing. I personally cannot accept it" Asked for the reason to the break up? Raymond said: "It is all kinds of reasons. First it is our personalities, and I am honestly very busy with work, it is impossible for me to engage in other things."

Asked if he felt disappointed when he learned about the 'bed photo'? Raymond said: "I don't know, to me it is a setback." Raymond expressed he never thought if this would damage his image, he said: "She has her direction, ideas and development, I hope all aspects will go smoothly for her. I do not believe that I was used, although we did date for several months, but our relationship is between us two."

Didn't know pictures were being taken while sleeping

Raymond is not worried about other intimate photos getting exposed, he expressed that the tabloid article mentioned Mavis met his parents, he is actually more worried about his family. Raymond's father sent a SMS to comfort him. Raymond said: "After reading the message, my heart felt very comforting. This time, it is definitely the greatest setback I've experienced since I've entered the industry. (Be more careful in choosing a girlfriend in the future?) Leave to fate, I will not deliberately avoid, the point is you are treated the same way you treat others."

Raymond admitted that he feels very hurt, they had a peaceful break up and besides their personality differences, he has no time for her and she cannot accept that. As if he will contact Mavis again because of this report? He said: "No, I didn't feel that someone was taking pictures while I was sleeping, I was very tired that day, didn't know anything."


Tavia Yeung was also at the costume fitting, she said very surprised: "What kind of reaction should I give you? This is his personal business, I will congratulate him if he's really dating!"

Miriam Yeung attended an event and when asked about Raymond Lam's bed photo exposure, she said very surprised: "It's real? She's his girlfriend? He never introduced me to a girl before. (Tell him to put down the idol image and admit to dating?) I feel that he doesn't mind the image, the director tells him to do something, he just does it."

Charlene Choi: Mavis betrayed Raymond

Charlene Choi worked with both Raymond and Mavis in Jade and Pearl, and does not have much of an impression on Mavis. She said that she thinks Mavis betrayed Raymond and sighed that Raymond met a bad person. As for herself, she is very confident with her current boyfriend (William Chan) and her past lovers. She feels that they definitely will not betray her. At the JSG recording, Raymond appeared full of emotions and had a hoarse voice. He is grateful of Charlene for her support, but regarding to Charlene's comment about him meeting a bad person, and got betrayed by Mavis, Raymond said: "Don't say it like that, don't have too much speculations."

Rose Chan: "Never seen the bed photos, you all ask him. (Didn't you two date?) No such thing, it was just MV shooting, and we don't keep in touch." Does she feel really heart-broken? Rose expressed she is not sure of the whole incident, and said: "That (Mavis) is not me, so nothing. I am not going to criticize Raymond. (Relieved?) Well no, sometimes when there is some misunderstand in work, it will be like that. (Do you feel Raymond's image is damaged?) I don't know, ask him."

Charmaine Sheh said she will not care about other people's news: "My impression of Raymond is that he's a little kid, he really wants to find a good girl to date and marry. (He was used?) Can only focus on work, and regulate emotions. (Comfort him?) He's a very strong guy, he doesn't want to rely on people or trouble others. After all, we are good friends, its in the heart!"

Linda Chung said: "We were only rumored due to filming, we all know it's fake. (Liked him before?) It's been 6 years, already pulled out of it! (Artists dating need to be extra careful?) If really do date, I will get really into the relationship, it is very normal!"

Rain Li: "I feel he's very pitiful, plus Raymond's career is doing so well now. Because of this incident, I will be date timidly."

Virgina Lok expressed she knew about the relationship as it happened. She said: "He's still a little kid, lots of chances! Before the press conference, he met with me already and I told him to be honest. In fact, most people around him knew about him dating. He also brought the girl to see me and said that if the relationship is exposed, he will admit it. It's just that they were never photographed! (He was betrayed?) Since they broke up, no choice he's just too busy with work. He does feel very heart-broken, but I told him he's young, not a big deal, just focus on work and start fresh again!"

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