Kenneth Ma has confidence in villain roles, wants to disgust audience

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Kenneth Ma has confidence in villain roles, wants to disgust audience

Post by summer7879 on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:37 am

Credit : Source: Singpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenneth Ma has confidence in villain roles, wants to disgust audience

First time playing a big villain, Kenneth Ma's performance in TVB series Grace Under Fire is fully experiencing the attention. His character changes from a simple guy who often gets bullied into someone who does things by evil means. Kenneth said the story is still in the early stages, audience will see his character change very soon. He is personally looking forward to see the whole process of hsi character changing from good to evil. He said: "At first, my character was being insulted, accused and bullied. Later he becomes determined to stand out, and deceives Leung Ka Kei into being his wife. During the process of when he turns evil, there are a lot of violent scenes, some had too much blood. Those scenes are cut and cannot be broadcast."

Although in the series, Kenneth didn't have to actually perform real Kung Fu, but he had to play someone changing from good to evil. Grasping the deep feeling scenes is just as difficult. He laughed and said that it is only successful when people point at you and scolds you on the street. Asked if he already fell in love with being a villain? He said: "I like it, in the last few series I've been a good person. I have confidence in playing villains, I want to prove to the audience that Kenneth Ma is not stupid."

Leung Ka Kei gets deceived by Kenneth in the series, he praised that his partner had an outstanding performance. He said: "Although we haven't collaborated before, her role goes through big changes. My character was always lying to her, it was only until the end when she found out. Although she doesn't have that much screen time, she is an important character."

Leung Ka Kei smiled and said that she had always wanted to work with Kenneth, so she is willing to get deceived by him, she said: "My role does have great ups and downs. I was fortunate to have Kenneth bring me into character." Asked if she fell for Kenneth in reality? She took Kenneth and JJ Jia's rumors out to joke with: "Just a little more! But I didn't buy one dessert soup to share with him. I don't match the social class!" Kenneth clarified that the rumors are not true.

As for if she would get too into character and can't pull out of it? She said: "I have been worried being too into character, so before I start working I would not let myself be happy, trying my best to talk to more people. When I start shooting, I already used up my power, and hope to do the best."

In reality, have she met a person who deceived her love? She said: "Well no, actually my love life is very boring. Usually I stay at home and don't go out. The most I would do is go out with a few friends to a place with less people, perhaps I suffer from a crowd phobia." Kenneth frankly said that he keeps acting and reality separate, he said: "I would just like the character in the series, I won't get the artist and the character confused."

When speaking of many TVB FaDan and Siu Sangs leaving the nest, Kenneth believes that it won't be a great affect on TV productions because artists who do not renew their contracts will change to a 'per series' contract. We will all still continue to shoot series.

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