Virgina Lok: Only 1/3 of the TVB artists photos are done

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Virgina Lok: Only 1/3 of the TVB artists photos are done

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:51 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Virgina Lok: Only 1/3 of the TVB artists photos are done

The latest TVB artist photos circulated over the internet and was widely said that Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma and Bernice Liu aren't included in the photo shoot and are replaced by the artists TVB plans to promote. However, the first batch of photos had Bernice in it. Yesterday TVB executive Virgina Lok explained: "Only a third of the photo shoot is complete for the Hong Kong International TV and Film Festival, so we can distribute them to our clients in time. Overall, the photo shoot took 5 days, about 50 artists and in the end we choose 1 to distribute. This will be good promotion for the artists. (To stabilize the 'troops' hearts?) Seeing people say that some artists included or excluded, it is actually because their schedule clashed. For example, Joe Ma only had an hour free in his schedule, so the progress slowed down. (Joe's concert is ending later this year?) No, he is dreaming, his contract is not up yet. Perhaps he's upset that I have no time to have hot pot with him. Not to worry, he currently has lots of people in Mainland asking him, if he's not part of it, then he'll lose a lot of face."

Charmaine Sheh is scheduled to take new artist photo

Virgina is not worried about convincing artists to stay with TVB. She said TVB itself has charisma, a very important station. Also, TVB treats each of them pretty well. Regarding Charmaine Sheh's departure? Virgina said: "We invited her to be part of the photo shoot, it was because of her arm injury that she wasn't able to make it. We already scheduled the next group of artists to do the photo shoot. In fact, not just Charmaine, there are also Wayne Lai and Louis Yuen. It is not necessarily the ones with management contracts that can be part of the photo shoot, we want to help them have an updated offical artist photo."

Wayne Lai joked that he is desperate to take the latest 'naked shoulder' offical artist photo because he has never appeared sexy before. As to discussing for a management contract, Wayne said: "Still discussing, still have a 2 year contract. I have not planned to develop in the Mainland market yet. I'm more directed towards Hong Kong."

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