New 'kiss photos' leaked, Raymond Lam rumored didn't break up with Mavis Pan

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New 'kiss photos' leaked, Raymond Lam rumored didn't break up with Mavis Pan

Post by summer7879 on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:01 am

Credit : Source:, Next Magazine Issue#1098 [Credit: TVBChannel]
Translated by: aZnangel @

New 'kiss photos' leaked, Raymond Lam rumored didn't break up with Mavis Pan

[Next Magazine] Following Raymond Lam and Mavis Pan's 'bed photo' exposure, another set of photos were published on a magazine. This time it's a kiss photo, the headline says Raymond proposed to Mavis on Valentine's Day and that they actually didn't breakup yet. (TN: Refer to magazine scans)

Raymond publicly admitted he and Mavis were together for half a year, and though he said they already broke up two months ago, but in reality this is not the case. Not long after the bed photo exposure, he admitted that they traveled to Maldives together. In July 2010, Mavis uploaded a photo and wrote on Weibo: "If there is one day you don't treat me well, I will be very heartbroken." (TN: Refer to Page 3). Among the exclusive 'bed photos' [Next Magazine] obtained earlier, there were also photos of the couple kissing on Valentine's Day. Raymond even proposed to Mavis. Last week (the 15th), on the day the bed photo leaked, Mavis freely went in and out of Raymond's residence. This doesn't seem to be what Raymond said, that they already broke up. He is clearly lying.

[Oriental Daily] Yesterday Raymond Lam was at TVB City shooting for new series Return to the Three Kingdoms, asked about the kiss photos that a magazine published? He said: "I didn't see it, but a friend told me about it. It's nothing! It's good memories from the past. We really did date before, they can say anything, I won't respond to anything. It's enough that my friends know what's going on." Asked if he's feels it's another attack? He said: "Nope, from the beginning I was prepared that this would happen." As if he's worried even more intimate photos would leak out? He said he wants to focus on work. While leaving TVB City to shoot outdoor scenes, Raymond was asked again if the relationship is over? He said: "Yes. This means that even if there are any new photos, I won't respond anymore! (Were you two together on February 14th?) I am not responding too much. (Have you been affected?) Trying as much as possible not to be. (Which time is most hurt?) Can't say which time." After waiting for half an hour, the heavens do not make things perfect, so shooting was forced to be canceled. Raymond expressed that he's going home to eat and then go for a jog.

Yesterday reporters contacted Mavis and regarding the second set of photos leaked out, she asked reporters back what the article was about. When she learned about the kiss photos, she said in a feeling wronged tone: "This incident has really got me heartbroken, I turned down many movies. (Who is the director and the cast for that movie?) It's not convenient for me to say, otherwise people will say I'm trying to use it as promotion. I am feeling very miserable now. I'm hiding in Beijing and it's coming up too, I need peace.

Raymond's cousin (Lam Ha Mei) was a host for an event. Regarding her cousin's personal photos leaked, she expressed she hasn't seen them: "In fact, the incident is the past, I hope brother (Raymond) can stay encouraged, work hard!" She reveals she met Mavis once at a family reunion gathering in Hong Kong. Asked if she has heard of Raymond proposing? She said: "I never heard him say he wants to get marry. (Deduct points on Mavis?) They aren't together anymore! No need to evaluate. (Raymond said you know he broke up?) He didn't say it himself, but I roughly knew!"

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