Calvin Choy referred Charmaine Sheh as his "Bra Strap"

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Calvin Choy referred Charmaine Sheh as his "Bra Strap"

Post by summer7879 on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:09 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Calvin Choy referred Charmaine Sheh as his "Bra Strap"

Grasshopper's host TVB game show All Star Glam Exam invited Ekin Cheng, Eric Kot, Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen last night as guests. Calvin Choy first introduced Ekin out, where Remus immediately touched his chest as he said: "We all wore fur, you are so thin!" Implying that Ekin wasn't glamorous enough. Calvin quickly protected his good friend: "I'm warning you, don't sexually harass my guest." Then Calvin introduced Charmaine out as his "Brother", that sounded like "Bra Dai" (Bra Strap). This made everyone in the studio laugh.

During the games, Ekin appeared very embarrassed, he said: "I am the worst at playing games, every time I go on a game show, it is all because of friends. This time I got dragged into the water by Grasshopper and Eric Kot." Ekin also expressed initially he had jobs in Japan, but it's now canceled. As if he's participating in the recording for the disaster relief, he will have to see what's scheduled.

Charmaine has not appeared on TVB for a long while now, when she did the interview she smiled: "Really? It's been that long?" She said she and TVB are still discussing of a contract, everything is going smoothly. However, it is not confirmed yet. She sweet talked: "TVB treated me well all along, gave me lots of opportunities." About the rumors of a Mainland young master she knows changing his target to Choi Wai Man, Charmaine joked: "I am quite confused too, I don't have good memory, don't know who I met. Just hearing the name, I don't know him. I am personally bad at names, perhaps if I see him I'll remember if I know him or not"

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