Sammi Cheng praises Raymond Lam as the Live Singing King; Big Winners of IFPI

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Sammi Cheng praises Raymond Lam as the Live Singing King; Big Winners of IFPI

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:12 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sammi Cheng praises Raymond Lam as the Live Singing King; Big Winners of IFPI

IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Awards Presentation 2010 was held last night at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. As Universal Music, Warners Music, Sony Music, EMI and BMA (Big 5) withdrew from IFPI HK, first line singers Eason Chan and Hacken Lee's numbers were not taken into account. As a result, more than half of the awards were swept by East Asia and EEG singers. Sammi Cheng took home 6 awards and was the big winner of the night, she won: Top Ten Best Sales Releases (Cantonese), Top Ten Best Sales Releases (Mandarin), Best Sales Releases Local Live Recording, Top Ten Best Sales Local Artistes, Best Sales Local Female Vocalist of the Year and Best Sales Cantonese Release.

Behind Sammi with 4 awards was Raymond Lam, he won Top Ten Best Sales Releases (Cantonse), Best Sales Releases Local Live Recordings, Top Ten Best Sales Local Male Vocalist and Best Sales Local Male Vocalist of the Year.

Last night the two big winners took pictures together backstage, Sammi was jumping with joy as she quickly uploaded her photo with Raymond on Weibo. She joked and said it's "Fung and Mi", and greatly praised Raymond's good singing. She said: "When I was waiting to go out on stage, he was performing, I listened carefully, his live performance level is certainty good."

Sammi frankly said the happiest thing about winning the award is being able to thank her religious beliefs. She said: "When I first did this album Faith, it was all because of my religion, God is actually the person who won this award, but he won't come down to get it, so I will take it on his behalf."

Being the Best Selling Local Male Vocalist, Raymond expressed that he is just as happy as Sammi. He recalls 10 years ago when he was still working as a host for TVB8, he interviewed Sammi before. Since the exposure of his intimate photos with ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan, the gossips comes in one after another. When speaking of Moses Chan suggesting that he comes forward to clarify the whole situation again, Raymond said: "Thanks for the concern. To me, it is all the past, I don't want people that worry about me to worry more. I will focus on work."

Joey Yung won two awards Top Ten Best Sales Releases (Cantonese) and Top Ten Best Sales Local Artistes. Twins also won two awards, while Charlene Choi won Top Ten Best Sales Releases (Mandarin) as a solo artist. When Twins were on stage, Gillian Chung gave Ah Sa a kiss, seriously a good friend.

Last night, the even organizers did not make arrangements for the behind-the-scenes music professionals to accept awards on stage, they were just notified to pick up their awards in the reception area. This led to a 'bomb' explosion with dissatisfied behind-the-scenes people. When Joey learned about this issue, she supported the behind-the-scenes: "That is not enough respect, it's like taking a key. I greatly respect the behind-the-scenes people, they are life savers. How they were treated this time is hard to avoid unhappiness, but I hope they don't mind. It's just like a game!" Asked if she had been neglected before? Joey said: "I don't remember, I am very lucky, my brain can only remember 1 or 2 neglecting words. I just treat it as encouragement. In fact, the world is round, don't focus too much on how people views you."

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