Chilam Cheung makes Anita Yeun cry at first HK Coliseum Concert

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Chilam Cheung makes Anita Yeun cry at first HK Coliseum Concert

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:18 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chilam Cheung makes Anita Yeun cry at first HK Coliseum Concert

Chilam Cheung's first 2 night Hong Kong Coliseum concert CHILAM CHEUNG - I AM AN ALIEN CONCERT 2011 opened last night. This concert is to celebrate Chilam's 20th anniversary in the industry. Chilam's wife Anita Yuen and his son Morton Cheung came together to support him, but the mother-son did not sit together. Anita was quite popular, before the concert started, fans went up to her and gave her toy gifts.

An Hour Blackout

Throughout the whole night, Chilam appeared in several different costumes, from masks to blinders to match up with the outer space stage. Chilam appeared on stage from a space shuttle, he wore a black jacket with a mask covering a side of his face. After performing a few songs, Chilam used Thai, English, Mandarin and Cantonese to greet his audience, ensuring his audience that came from different places are greeted. Claiming himself as an alien, Chilam praised how good the Earth is and the most rare is that there is love. In response to the World Blackout Day on the 28th, Chilam proposed to turn off the lights in HK Coliseum for an hour to support the environment. Audience were only given glow sticks at the entrance. He said: "I hope to take this opportunity to give those who are suffering calamities a little light, warmth and happiness."

Chilam expressed he really wants to say "I miss you so much" to one singer, then clips of Leslie Cheung (Gor Gor) broadcast. He modeled Gor Gor by brushing his chest and stripping his outer garment off as he sang. The performance revealed the muscles he had worked hard to get before for the concert. As the concert opened 3 stages, Chilam went down to shake audiences' hands and ran over to his wife Anita's seat, but she was not there.

Recalls first meeting, marriage and having Morton

Chilam frankly said that his relationship had only been with one person, he said: "The feelings Anita Yuen and I had lasted from the day we first met until today. Just in a blink of an eye, it's been 20 years." He expressed that when they first started dating, it was a lot of pressure because they were often asked when they'll be breaking up, marrying or divorcing. In the early years, because he was young he caused a lot of unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings. He didn't even know what to say. After several years of wind and rain, in 2005, he told Anita that he has some accomplishments in his career and can reach another level in their relationship with her. So, the couple went to a place where there were not many people around, entered a little chapel and while facing an unfamiliar priest, they said "I Do". At this moment, Anita appeared with tears in her eyes, Christine Ng, who was sitting next to her helped Anita wipe away her tears. When Anita saw the camera on her, she blew a kiss to Chilam who used his hand to accept it.

Love a first sight Anita Yuen

Chilam said: "Many people opposed to us announcing our relationship. It was said that an idol singer can break his/her own path of wealth and will need a long period of investment before it can come back. However, I feel that all is worth it because we are all her to enjoy my concert today. If I didn't announce the relationship, perhaps I could have had this concert 10 years ago." Chilam tried hard to hold in his tears, the more he spoke, the harder it got: "I am very lucky, in the entertainment industry I was able to make a family." Chilam performed Collagen (骨膠原) for his wife and Anita continued to cry emotionally below the stage.

Chilam said in 2006, he received a gift from heaven, giving a son Morton Cheung to him, he said: "I gave this name to him because I hope my son will forever speak without fear, and when he meets people, he will treat young and old just the same, equally." To end, Chilam sang Wish You Well (祝君好) touching the supporting audience once again.

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