Bosco Wong gets a new HK$1.3 million Audi sports car

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Bosco Wong gets a new HK$1.3 million Audi sports car

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:26 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong gets a new HK$1.3 million Audi sports car

As the Mainland market had been prosperous in the last year, many TVB artists are heading up north to dig the gold. They can easily earn several hundred thousands for one Mainland series at any time. Many male artists like to get a new car to reward themselves. Under the situation where 'you change, I change', each one of them are getting more and more glamorous, showing off their wealth. Bosco usually drives his over HK$400,000 Audi A4 around recently had made some real money in Mainland, besides being an owner of 3 houses, he took out HK$1.3 million to purchase the newest model Audi RS5 sports car.

Yesterday, the red Audi RS5 sports car that Bosco ordered arrived in Hong Kong. He couldn't wait to meet his 'new love interest', meeting up with his male friend to go pick up the car. At about 12pm, Bosco got to the dealership and when he saw his new 'love', it was already beautifully prepared for Bosco to drive it away anytime. Since the dealer was busy with other things, Bosco stared at the car with glowing eyes as he constantly turned in circles looking at the car. He was just like a child loving his new toy, hard to hide his happiness.

It was said that this Audi model was love at first sight for Bosco, so without consideration he went to pre-order the car because he knew it would take a year before it is shipped to Hong Kong.

Although Bosco threw away a million on a new car, he is only in second place for the most expensive TVB Siu Sang car owner. Driving the most glamorous and expensive car to work is Raymond Lam, with a HK$1.8 million Maserati. After Kevin Cheng was rumored to have broken up with Charmaine Sheh last year, he quickly bought a HK$900,000 BMW X6. Ron Ng is also known to love changing cars in the industry.

Yesterday reporters called 'girlfriend' Myolie to ask if Bosco asked for her advice before buying the car? Myolie said: "I don't even know when he's going to pick up the car." When speaking of being his first female passenger? She sweetly said: "Don't know. (He spent over a million on this 'toy'?) None of my business. (Is Bosco making a lot?) Congrats to him!"

Then Myolie turned around and supported her boyfriend. She reveals she hopes to buy a new car too: "It's my goal now." Bosco you heard that!

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