Moses Chan cannot say he won't pursue Aimee Chan in future

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Moses Chan cannot say he won't pursue Aimee Chan in future

Post by summer7879 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:49 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Sunday (Magazine)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan cannot say he won't pursue Aimee Chan in future

Since Moses Chan was 'demoted' by Bernice Liu last year back down to a 'friend', he becomes the 'deal' in the industry. First he was rumored with Charmaine Sheh, then Kate Tsui and now with Aimee Chan. Yesterday a magazine reported that Aimee successfully got Moses, the two were witnessed leaving Aimee's Oscar By The Sea residence in Clear Water Bay one after the other. It was rumored that they kept in touch after shooting TVB series The War at Heart earlier and their relationship developed so quickly that it's already 'in the house'. Like Moses, Aimee is also someone who lived overseas and came back to HK to develop. Yesterday Moses denied appearing at Aimee's residence, but he did not avoid mentioning that he admires Aimee because she's a good girl and he cannot deny the possibility of a relationship developing in the future. Back when the two were shooting The War at Heart, Aimee also praised Moses for being a very good gentleman before.

That day, Moses was at Oscar By The Sea looking at the properties there. He had always thought that investing in a 'brick' holds value, so when he has free time he likes to go see houses. He did not know Aimee lived in the unit of that building, never had he been to her house. He said: "So many artists, TVB executive lives in Oscar By The Sea, besides Aimee Chan, Ron Ng lived there before too. They have mentioned before that living in that area is nice, Ron said the Feng Shui is good." He said that as long as it's suitable, he's not afraid of people saying he and Aimee are living in the same residence, he will still invest. However, the housing prices has been high lately, so he has not found a good one yet and he also enjoys the environment in his current residence.

When Moses was rumored with other female stars, he always said he didn't even have their phone numbers. To avoid the rumors, he does not talk to female artists over the phone. When reporters asked if he has Aimee's phone number? He frankly said they had each other numbers because they had a great time shooting The War at Heart. After the shooting completed, they have not kept in touch, but frankly said he admires Aimee. Reporters said the two matches, and said Aimee is a good girl. Asked if he will pursue her and develop a relationship? Moses laughed out loud and said: "We'll see! Now is the time to fight, it is hard to say who I'll pursue in the future. I hope to have some space."

Towards her rumors with Moses, Aimee was not too resistance, but joked that it's finally her turn to rumor with Moses. She stressed that the reports about Moses at her house are not true.

Aimee expressed that she never invites her colleagues over to her house, she said: "Although I do think Moses is a good man, but I am currently focused on work.

Adam Cheng who was also part of the cast to The War at Heart was asked if Moses and Aimee were dating? He said he doesn't know, but if its true then he would be happy for Moses.

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