Sammul Chan appears at series promotion with TVB executive by his side

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Sammul Chan appears at series promotion with TVB executive by his side

Post by summer7879 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:42 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sammul Chan appears at series promotion with TVB executive by his side

Sammul Chan, Elanne Kong, Michael Tse, Joe Ma, Kate Tsui and the rest of the cast to TVB new series Relic of an Emissary held the series promotion at Olympian City yesterday. The cast appeared in their costumes from the series, except for Sammul who appeared in modern clothing. Earlier Sammul greatly groaned about being displeased with TVB on an iCable's interview. He reveals that he had a heated dispute with TVB over a 10 something dollar pay raise. Yesterday with the Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) standing besides him, Sammul clearly toned down his attitude, Mr. Tsang just said: "I just had dinner with Sammul, everything is going smoothly."

Then, the two did an interview together, Sammul said he does not have a contract with TVB anymore, and was just sharing his personal feelings on the iCable interview: "I am now independent, its rare, going on different stations is a good thing. (Dissatisfied over 10 something dollars?) It's not about what company or what people, it's just sharing my personal feeling, just for a competent interview." Mr. Tsang was asked if TVB was being stingy over 10 something dollars? Sammul spoke up and defended: "Don't trouble him, he wasn't the one that discussed with me!"

As for it he's afraid of offending TVB? Mr. Tsang responded saying that both sides have plans for collaborations, Sammul also will go on The Green Room interview. Asked if he'll expose more later? Sammul said: "See how the host conducts the interview first! I won't avoid! (Mr. Tsang is right besides you!) No, he is just a passerbyer! (Shoot more TVB series?) Depends on the script, I don't mind collaborating again, before I just had too high expectations. (Want to be paid for a high price?) We'll discuss it! It is most important that I am willing to do it, and that I'm satisfied!" He expressed now that he is a freelancer, his opportunities has increased, but he avoided talking about how much he makes.

Michael Tse lots of passionate love scenes

Michael Tse expressed that he does not feel that his limelight is stolen, and said that his contract discussions had went smoothly every time. In the series, he plays Kam Yi Wai, who is a bodyguard, Michael reveals that there will be lots of action and passionate love scenes. His female partners "are so many, can't remember!"

First time shooting a costume drama, Elanne Kong expressed that she plays a Princess with princess illness. She hopes that she won't scare away the opposite sx and exposed that she had always had pursuers, but for now they have not touched her heart yet: "If they are still waiting when they're 30, I'll consider! In fact, I do hope to try a relationship that is strong and vigorous!"

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