Fala Chen forgets money at ATM, HK$3000 lesson learned

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Fala Chen forgets money at ATM, HK$3000 lesson learned

Post by summer7879 on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:03 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Fala Chen forgets money at ATM, HK$3000 lesson learned

The day before, Fala Chen groaned over her stupidity on Weibo. She exposed that when she was withdrawing money from the ATM, she forgot to take the money with her. Koni Lui and Natalie Tong comforted her and felt pity that she lost the money. Yesterday Fala reveals though her manager that it aches losing HK$3000. She learned a lesson from this experience.

Recently, Fala is busy shooting a new series with Michael Tse. She also often attending events on the side and is so busy she can't even take a breath. Fala is currently working hard in making money, but she hasn't been careful in protecting her hard earned money.

She groaned on Weibo of her stupidity: "Someone lost her soul while at the ATM. She only remembered to take the card and not the money. Now, it's already 10 minutes later, so stupid I even ran back to see if the money was still there? Why am I like this?"

Koni felt pity for her: "Heart breaking, all that difficult work to earn the money." Natalie expressed that she often forgets to get her money too, and hopes the ATM can make a sound for a reminder. She comforted Fala saying that money lost can block the bad luck.

Yesterday reporters contacted Fala to ask about the situation. She revealed through her manager: "At the time, I wasn't focused. Forgot to take the money after withdrawing it from the machine. I lost 3000 dollars, so heart aching! The money disappeared immediately, and I called the bank later, unfortunately I wasn't able to get the money I lost back. However, the bank said the transaction was already made. I'll just treat this as a lesson learned, at the time there was a line behind me, so don't know who took it."

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