Chris Lai Lok Yi chok into a dream sportsman

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Chris Lai Lok Yi chok into a dream sportsman

Post by summer7879 on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:09 am

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Chris Lai Lok Yi chok into a dream sportsman

TVB artiste Chris Lai Lok Yi and former Mr. Hong Kong Jack Hui was arranged to represent TVB to participate in the dance competition, “Strictly Come Dancing 3” in Changsha. Besides lately rumoured with Miss Hong Kong Toby Chan, participating in the competition is particularly refreshing. When shooting promotion videos they would all express themselves by dancing. Along with Chris's poses of the Chok look, and his sharp eyes to heat up the atmosphere, perhaps it would help him achieve the highest number of votes and become the next dream sportsman (literal meaning: Ying Nam). And Jack Hui who had many years of experience in Latin dancing, held high hopes to seize the throne of the dance.

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