Aimee Chan's love leans towards Moses Chan, Edwin Siu admits to defeat

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Aimee Chan's love leans towards Moses Chan, Edwin Siu admits to defeat

Post by summer7879 on Tue May 03, 2011 1:46 am

Credit ; Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Aimee Chan's love leans towards Moses Chan, Edwin Siu admits to defeat

Aimee Chan and Moses Chan's recent rumors have been a hot topic, but now Edwin Siu suddenly gets into the relationship and pursues Aimee, clearly challenging the 'big deal' Moses. However, lately Aimee's love seems to be leaning towards Moses, leaving Edwin in great disappointment. Yesterday Edwin finally obediently accepts defeat and admitted that he lost in Moses' hands. He sighs that he wasn't part of the cast to The War at Heart, so he didn't get a chance to meet Aimee.

It has recently been rumored that Edwin is pursuing Aimee during the filming of Forensic Heroes III and is arm wrestling with Moses. However, lately Aimee's love leans towards Moses and it's clear that she only regards Edwin as a good colleague. Yesterday during the shooting of FH3's opening, Aimee and Edwin were arranged to stand on the sides, while Wayne Lai, Maggie Cheung, Ron Ng and Kate Tsui stood in the middle. Edwin seem to have felt bitter in the lost, but later when he and Aimee took pictures together, he got his spirit back.

Denies acting turned to real feelings

Edwin and Aimee were interviewed together, Edwin said that this is the first time they collaborated and will have a relationship in the series. When asked if acting turned into real feelings? Edwin said: "No, we are colleagues, I'm curious as to how this rumor came up. Well, it's not true, so no embarrassment. (You don't hope it's true?) The photos published were just from the series, including the eating egg waffles and the harbor scene. (Will you be afraid to see Moses and get scolded by him?) Of course not, Moses is not that type of person."

"Be good to have met her earlier"

When Edwin was asked if he's backing off knowing the situation? He said: "I already said I'm good colleagues with Aimee. She really has a loving heart, while Moses is an excellent man, the best deal in the city." Aimee has no feelings for you? "Not like that, really nothing!" But, when asked if there is completely no chance, Edwin finally spoke the truth: "Why didn't I get to shoot The War at Heart? If I met Aimee earlier, then that be good. (Changing your words, admit to lost?) Exactly, I am the loser!"

Rumors end here

Aimee being fought over by two men, naturally her heart feels like flowers are blossoming. She strongly praised that Edwin is a good guy, but they can only be 'good brothers'. She said: "Fortunately FH3 shooting is over, so the news can end here." Looks like Edwin really doesn't have a chance!

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