Kate Tsui supports good brother Ron Ng, not a 'girl butcher'

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Kate Tsui supports good brother Ron Ng, not a 'girl butcher'

Post by summer7879 on Thu May 05, 2011 2:28 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Kate Tsui supports good brother Ron Ng, not a 'girl butcher'

Ron Ng gives people the impression that he's a playboy, having so many rumored girlfriends. He was rumored to have secret contact with Ella Koon, Kate Tsui, Sire Ma and Viann Zhang. Recently, a magazine described him as a "Jeh Jai Butcher" (姐仔屠夫), implying that he likes to pursue TVB FaDans, Kate and Sire were his targets.

Rumors for promotions

Yesterday Kate attended the MADIA Royal Diamond Expo at the World Trade Center. Kate was the model and had on accessories that were valued at nearly 40 million, it's like she put on a whole mansion on herself. She modestly said that she has not been able to buy such expensive jewelry. Reporters suggested that she should ask a boyfriend to give one to her? She said: "Look at fate! I want a boyfriend who is filial and reliable." Does Ron fit her standards? Kate was prepared and answered: "I've seen the reports, but we are good brothers! Perhaps there are many series that we play a couple, and this isn't the first time we are rumored. I'll just treat rumors as promotion." She claims that they have collaborated several times and is under the same manager, and sometimes they comply with advertisers invitations and take jobs together. Kate admits that she and Ron are very close and have a good relationship, but nothing like 'acting turned real' has happened.

Not a playboy

Kate often repeats herself that Ron's just a "good brother", and even supported him: "It is really unfair to describe him as a 'Jeh Jai Butcher', I pity him! You all misunderstood him, he's not a playboy. The Ron I know is not this type of person, I'm worried this issue might affect his image. He never pursued me because he treats me like a guy, and I am not sure if he pursued Sire Ma. I won't help him pursue, he should do it himself and we are brothrs after all, we don't talk about these things, I will just support him." A reporter asked Kate if she can swear that Ron didn't pursue her? She avoided to answer directly: "Shooting series for so many years already, I'm already immune to rumors. If it can be used for promotions, then that's not a problem." As to the rumors that he's spending woman's money? "That is very unfair to him, usually when we all eat out, we all pay for ourselves. He is not that type of person."

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