Moses Chan admits pursuing Aimee Chan: Working Hard

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Moses Chan admits pursuing Aimee Chan: Working Hard

Post by summer7879 on Thu May 05, 2011 2:33 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan admits pursuing Aimee Chan: Working Hard

Moses Chan, Ron Ng, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung and the rest of the cast to Yes Sir, Sorry Sir attended the promotional event at the bowling center. Moses just returned to HK from Jamaica after shooting a coffee special and appeared flirty the whole time. Even when he was bowling, he was holding a cup of coffee and showed his Chok look. Coincidentally earlier ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu was asked if he's a good man, but she said, "he is a man that loves coffee" to describe him instead. Asked if he's responding to Bernice's comment? Moses smiled: "I am not upset! (She didn't praise your a good man though!) No comment. (Are you that sensitive?) No comment!"

When speaking of Bernice, Moses clearly did not want to mention much. Even if earlier when Bernice posted a photo of coffee beans that a friend gave her, leading to speculations that it was a gift from him, Moses shook his head with all his might, denying that he was in contact with her. However when speaking of Aimee Chan, there was a sharp difference. Earlier Aimee praised he's a good man, and Moses flirted: "She's a good girl. (Invite her to your house for coffee?) Nope. (Edwin Siu admitted to lost and won't fight with you!) Of course girls that are good will have lots of pursuers. (You're pursuing Aimee?) Working hard!"

On the other side, Aimee was in Olympian City for a Mother's Day event. The organizers arranged a little boy pretending to be "Lo Sir" in Yes Sir Sorry Sir to go up on stage and give her a toy. When it was hinted that she should give it to Moses' mom, Aimee denied: "We aren't dating. (Any pursuers?) I have always had pursuers. (By the surname of Chan?) No, just friends."

Also, at the promotion the cast split into teams for a "Teachers" vs "Students" bowling competition. The actors and actresses that play students in the series were very popular among the audience, their popularity even surpassed the main leads. Cilla Lok had a group of male fan supporters and won with the highest score.

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