Bosco Wong: One Myolie Wu is enough

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Bosco Wong: One Myolie Wu is enough

Post by summer7879 on Fri May 06, 2011 1:56 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong: One Myolie Wu is enough

Bosco Wong, Chrissie Chau, Icy Wong and Shum Chi Ming attended the K-Swiss All New Specialized Store Opening Ceremony Spring & Summer Fashion Show. The guests modeled the all new launch of KS Collection. As for Bosco who was Choking thought out the whole show, kept his distance when taking pictures with Chrissie and Icy.

Bosco laughed and said that the organizers wanted them to do the catwalk with chok looks. About keeping his distance from Chrissie, he expressed that she's a hot and sexy goddess and he's does not know them well, so did not dare to look at them directly. As for Ron Ng was said to often be pursuing TVB actresses, Bosco was a loyal friend and believed firmly that Ron is not a playboy. It is just part of the series promotion. Asked if Bosco has the qualities to pursue those actresses? He said: "I'm more narrow, one is enough for me! (One Myolie Wu is enough?) Haha! If the range is too big, I won't know how to handle it. (Back then when you were shooting series, the rumors kept going and became real?) Mines is old news. (Broke up?) Choi!"

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